Thursday, 22 September 2011


this week seems to have gone bare quick. it dawned on me yesterday that it was friday when i wake up and i was buzzed out. got the bike ride this weekend and hopefully the weather should be ok.

these kind of blokes love taking there shoes off don't they? is that acceptable in an eating establishment? i dunno. its royal chicken anyway, not some restaurant in paris, probably let him have that one.

sam is buzzing about the wicked-land bike ride. here is him and his girl charlotte throwing up some W's.

jetski using a sweet for a straw. this is how we are living now. anything for more calories.

the sky was proper trying it over the weekend.

but then the sun kind of came out so we rode up to mcdonalds fosse park. sat outside but the benches were wet so swings and roundabouts.

a nice silhouette for you. the sky was lovely that night. hold tight the iPhone camera.

i went for peri peri with bradley, we were not impressed. when we went it was proper packed out, and we got the most rushed meal. half boxes of chips, bradleys wrap was a pencil with a few little bits in.

bobby came over and asked how our meal was shortly after we finished. we said we were throughroly disappointed , and we were! we were both calling it the worst peri ever. he told us not to move until he came back. 3/4 minutes later he emerged from the kitchen with my lemon breast burger and bradleys' extra hot wrap, and a massive box of chips.

he had rolled his sleeves up and cooked us the original recipe, from the man who came up with it and passed it on to the kitchen staff. the food was unbelievable. he sat with us as we ate it. he told us that he valued our custom and he said he didn't want us to leave if we were un happy.

i called max that evening and we spoke about what happened. he described it as the ultimate in customer service. the situation was fucked, me and brad left there pure buzzing, and now i passed the word on to max who now wanted a peri peri.

I'm getting addicted to these at the minute. so easy and moreish.

i seen paul scholes in the highcross. lol jk. nah, this was probably the most fucked ginger person i have ever seen. he was milk bottle white, had the blondest most invisible eye brows and proper proper orange hair. not even ginger. orange.

hold tight my man in mcdonalds. i don't give a fuck, you can't bring some next level off road vehicle into anywhere you like because your legs are a bit old and shit. surely anything with its own number plate is unacceptable? he couldn't even get up the isle. he had to 3 point turn and leave mealess.

bradley was buzzing out. got a couple of free wedges in with his mcdonalds chips. pretty show innit?

i broke a key off in my D lock. i always do this. just twist and snap keys.

at the town hall they were upto something. all these people were wearing goggles with bubble wrap over the top of them and using canes to get around. some sort of shit to put yourself in the shoes of a blind person. or see from their ey.. oohh! :/

they were around town as we mooched. they kept taking the glasses off though! if they are meant to be empathising then they weren't doing a very good job of it! dont you think that is well disrespectful to blind people?

i saw a max barton v2.0 lookalike competition winner yesterday too. by the looks of things he seen me too. its hard not to get spotted taking pictures on an iPhone. i don't like it for that.

thats all. i hope you all have a well fun weekend and don't forget, its the bike ride tomorrow! so if you do wanna come and the sun is out then meet us at the quay at 12 midday. cheers for reading.

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