Monday, 10 October 2011


yoooo!!! sorry everyone, i've had a real busy week and then i was away over the weekend, so i didn't get a chance to post. here is the stuff i collated before i went to london for the weekend, I've split that shit into another post.

everyone is fucking crying this year on x factor. the sob story shit is ridiculous. every single take there is someone crying saying 'this is everything, this is all I've got left...' fuck that, i don't hear that shit. if you get kicked off a fucking talent contest tv show... you go back to the world of 9-5, same as every other fucker. stop acting like by not getting a free break your life is over.

kotched with kyle at the quay. it was nice. i got a delicious can of pop.

and i went nandos that night! had a shower big wrap. niiiiice.

im fucking sick of bullshit junk mail. i wish there was like a junk mail filter you could have on your letterbox the way you do on your email account. because i live on a main road i get so, so, so much.

I'm going to buy these sky blue trousers and fuck shit up.

fuck this prick. look at this stupid next shape sideburns and eyebrows. i think he fucked up and didn't have the bottle to put it right.

monday and tuesday last week i worked at the leicester uni freshers fair. it was mental busy, this was at about 9am. proper good fun though.

big up the war hammer society. there were some mental ones. there was one, the assassin society and it sounded unreal. a lot of people were obviously talking about them, but then word spread what they were about.

they play a game where its in your real life and you get given another player to 'assassinate.' this can be something like finding out what bus they take on the way to work and sitting behind them and mimicking slitting their throat, or pretending to poison their drink while you see them in the pub. i think that sounds like it would be sick.

i counted up some tickets we took on the door of one of our events. me and pete were counting them, turning them all round the right way and stacking them into bundles of 100. we got towards the end of the last lot and as i counted the last few i thought it might have been a round 100. it was 99. that with the rest of the 100's meant we had 999. i can't explain after 30 minutes of solid counting how frustrating and unforfilling that is.

me and pete were broken men. the boss was discussing the plan of action for the following days work and we couldn't concentrate. pure frustration. and then, like a little ray of light i spotted one more ticket, half hanging out from under some table. oh my god. i can't explain the feeling.

i quickly picked it up, slipped it under an elastic band holding the final bunch together, and scribbled out where i had wrote '999'.

this was wicked. it looks like pissed writing.

i went out with bradley on tuesday night to some new night at epsilon, where emperia used to be on church gate. it was wicked! proper packed and the music was really good. banger after banger.

i got absolutely wrecked.

i met stuart bowness, a long term fan and reader of wicked-land. big up him and all the other readers who i have never met, you are my favourite guys.

battered it stupid in mcdonalds wednesday night. i had to have a big fuel up before i shopped at asda. i love mcdonalds so much, fuck anyone who thinks its faceless and/or whatever. it tastes unbelievable.

big up asda. mcdonalds and asda are two of my favourite places. there is a new special edition onken yoghurt. i bet its well nice. i bought like four of these in different flavours. ill report back and let you know what its like.

while we are on the topic of yoghurts, can you imagine how discussing this would be? i can't imagine anybody fancies a bit of christmas pudding but in yoghurt form.

i show people this when I'm in asda with them. have you ever smelt it? its some bath syrup shit, but honestly it smells so fucking good. when i shown max he said he had to use all his control not to tip it to his lips and just neck it. you can find it on the top shelf where all the shower gels are, honestly. go and smell it.

i was pissed off man. one of my favourite things is this vanilla milkshake that asda do. they were all sold out of every single flavour. unbelievable.

a nice, generic football. lovely work nike.

i got a boots meal deal (as recommended by jamie) for lunch on friday. i was not disappointed and will be going again. the wrap was called like a 'fajita flatbread' and had sour cream and kidney beans in. deeeelish!

again, sorry for being so long. you're going to have blog updates coming out of your arse this time next week. ill post some london shit tomorrow. hollllaaaaa

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