Thursday, 13 October 2011


Yo, its been a while but in we go.

I fucking hate this dumb bitch. she gets away with murder. one of those talentless drips who wormed her way into the public eye on someone else's name (see chloe kardashian) and has carved a career out of not really having any talent. It's like there are no boundaries to what she is allowed to do/say because she was on that TV show a while ago with the rest of her attention seeking family so she has set the standards. she can do and get away with whatever the fuck she wants. deluded old bitch. she is so fucking nasal and whiny, i honestly cannot comprehend how woman can hold her in such high regard, and care for what she has to say.

is it because she was a brilliant parent? i don't think so. she raised two fame hungry little moon headed morons. or could it possibly be her famous sexism? oh its so funny isnt it. everyone loves it when that old dickhead off the t.v, sharon osbourne says what she has to say about males, yet fails to realise the very platform that has been carved out for her to use was built by her husband.

sharon jokes about some woman who castrated her husband

if you have not yet watched the video below, watch it now.

sharon osbourne lashes out at chris tarrant.

seriously, i wish this divvy nobody would hang herself, its gone on for far too long.

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