Saturday, 1 October 2011


YOOOOO, so this week has been GOOD! the sun has been out, and because I'm not a goth or a vampire i enjoy it. i find it hard to be in a bad mood in the sun. here are the things that have been going on.

i got all the bar crawl t-shirts back at work. there are loads and loads of students are going to be wearing them pretty soon. I'm buzzing over that.

this made me laugh. the translucent board is meant to cover up the magazines with boobs on the front. instead they were in front of empire magazine, below jodie marsh's cartoon fake tits and completely behind nuts magazine.

this guy was riding this bike all fucked up, leaning over the handle bars. i think he was like holding it together.

look at this guys fucking jacket!!! bare stupid sophbecker scene kids would die for this guys steez. big up my man just wearing his shit in his normal life, not trying to dress like a joke to draw girls.

poverty competition on narborough road. remember when we were saying about how stupidly cheap shit is going to become? its spreading.

i went for a fry up the other day. if i say so myself I'm a pro at eating them. i got to the last mouthful of it and had a perfectly shaped bit of toast and a perfectly shaped bit of bacon.

i got my cola bruiser bar and mountain dew on the other day. trust me. pimp flavours.

look at this little divs weird small head. i hate how all girls started to dye their hair red thinking they will instantly become as fit as rihanna. look at this little troll muppet.

had some more of that pasta from that deli. spicy chicken. there is no bigger fear in life than getting halfway through eating and seeing that you have lost some of your plastic fork in your dish.

triple crunchie style. these were in some multi-pack for a pound.

frank gave me some of his doritos and i put them in my pringles tub. im surprised the world didn't end.

the weather has been ridiculous hasn't it.

i love the way ikea package their stuff. these looks so clinical and plain. i love their design.

who invited the wanker brigade? fuck these dickheads. i hate lads these days. i hate people who just switch up what they wear so they are in style. why not just wear what you actually want to wear. moist bitches.

but if you are gonna wear fake gucci shit, then make sure its a fitted hat so that everyone knows.

me and bradley enjoyed a lunchtime nandos in the sun. i was so happy that afternoon. just in the sun with my boy eating nandos. wonderful.

this guy had the wickedest batman top on. so better than just the black ones with the logo on. fully committed.

I met george, jimlad and frank on friday for food. this photo has been making me cry, with the way the sun is glaring frank looks like jesus returning to earth or something.

darryl has got a little kitten called sauce. when i call her by her name i say 'source' and feel so smug, like i'm getting away with it.

oh my diddy!!! it was kopperberg season last night. the booker boys reformed and hit the tooooown!

different generations of booker boys. L-R: trav, jake, andy, zac, me (obviously), dave and sasi.

drinks in the academy were dumb cheap. orange VK times.

it was wicked. right, that's it then. i feel to draw so i might post some drawings or something. cheers mate, safe yeah

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