Monday, 17 October 2011


I'm doing my iPhone update as i write this, i hope nothing goes wrong and I've still got all my stuff. it puts me in mind of that quote from fight club when tyler durden burns down...edward nortons apartment and says 'the things you own end up owning you.'

anyway if you wanted philosophy and wisdom you would have gone somewhere else online, you have come here for food photos, swear words and weird losers. welcome to wicked-land. in we go.

i got a load of fonts from the guy who does all the DMU night life graphics the other day. i accidentally pressed 'open' instead of 'install' and this mental shit happened. so glad i didn't have to manually close every single individual box.

bradley (a.k.a the wicked-land street team) got spotted in mosh by a couple of keen readers. hold tight them. i wanna start a photo album on Facebook where people can take photos of them throwing up a wicked-land 'W' hand signal or write a note on a bit of paper and tag wicked-land in. do you reckon it would work?

i met frank for subway one day last week. we got the nice sub cross section going on.

there was a dead rat in my entry to my back yard. i spotted it when i went to get my washing in after work one day. the rancid thing is i went out in my socks the night before to hang my washing out and would have come so close to standing on the fucker.

there is this dickhead white cat who always jams in my back yard. i hate it. so chilling and intrusive, although i reckon this was probably his work so ill give him a prop for that.

the cafe rouge chistmas party poster is a nice bit of design.

i went for lunch at orange tree in the week with sandy and lauren. chicken fajitas. fucking unreal. the salsa was mixed in with the chicken and peppers, it was just delicious. i want them again. everyday since i went i have looked at this photo.

literally anything for money aint it. 'screme eggs.' the goo inside better be fucking green. it better be.

i managed to do this with my head/face the other day. no photoshop, all that mass is in my face. i was quiet proud of this.

this is one of the harshest pains you can feel. i hate it when this happens. even worse is when after taking a picture you pick up the fork to wipe it down and the knife slips in. fuck that.

speaking of forks i made this. me aaron and dan decided this would be perfect for eating pasta and that. just bomb over the top of them and stab them on. because regular forks have not worked fine for 100's of years.

so i went for this. like a devil horns 'rock on' hand sign. good innit.

kyle miller left for L.A yesterday. he had a few drinks on braunstone gate with a load of old faces to see him off. he wore a wicked t-shirt.


well thats a lie isn't it. definitely. because 'all premier league' games are not televised. i might roll down there at 3pm next saturday and expect to see football, then get furious when they are not showing it, let alone not showing all the games simultaneously.

christiano ronaldo was in nandos.

as was jamie campbell. he luuur'dat haloumi cheese.

he was explaining to me this is the most pleasurable way to enjoy it.

1 part white nandos chicken fresh off the bone, 1 part peronaise, 1 part haloumi. anybody who can look at this little forkful and say that nando's is over priced or over rated is fucking mental. what world do you live in.

probably the same world as this useless drip. i can't imagine how demeaning this must feel.

hot girl at a bar: 'so, what do you do for work?'

board man: 'I stand literally outside maryland wearing a fucking A board. advertising maryland.'

genius. however, in narborough road food wars, maryland are now doing free delivery. fucking mental shit.

big up all the matrix men. i see you around still. i bet we will see some more with the change in weather.

we went out for jimlads birthday saturday night. i sat and watched him drink 7 j├Ągerbombs in about 10 minutes. he was smashed.

jamie had a good night too. this was round mine the following morning.

darryl constantly buys annoying little knick knacks to have around his computer. he doesn't need this! his laptop has this on it!!! its so small and fucking annoying.

i hate this jumped up box too. i want to tell it its not in london. the old design we had all over leicester worked just fine, we don't need your new, trying-to-be-a-spaceship one.

thats all. i took some pictures of me pulling some faces the other day, ill post them up tomorrow i reckon. I've found i do the same one over and over again so i tried to get some new ones out. thank you for reading!

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