Tuesday, 11 October 2011


boom. so last weekend man rolled london. here are some things that went on.

i really liked this sign. it made me laugh. we went to some bar to watch the england game. a load of people who we know came together, it was really good. i finally met a long time wicked-land reader gareth masters, and even after his request i forgot to get a photo of him. next time i see him i might do a feature post with him. interview him about his life for a 3 parter or something.

a nice hand rendered sign.

there are some next level scene freaks in london though. the type of cunt that we don't even have in leicester yet. this guy had some fucked up, long, grown out half dyed blonde hair, XXXL tie dyed t-shirt and red velvet looking leggings. they should open a new super trendy club, get all these dickheads in and gas the fucker.

they have this fucked up long shit in pret, the coffee shop. you have to pour your dregs away and then separate all the different elements of your rubbish so they can recycle it. pointless embarrassing shit. just admit defeat; the world is too fucked, lets live our lives out in fun, not sorting my whole life into categories.

i met the johnny harris, of 'this is england 86'.' he was the guy who acted out that really creepy rape scene. he was such a nice bloke haha. i wanted to tell him that i thought that scene was really good and proper gripping and believable but i didn't want him to think I'm a rapist. (I'm not a rapist.)

i jammed with valena for a bit on saturday. we went for coffee (seen early), pottered around shops and then for some food. big up everyone making W's out of chips.

this bloke must have been about 35. the one chance i will give him is that he was european, so he might be on some fucked up next level fashion thing i can't even comprehend with my stupid little english brain. but there should be no excuses for wearing a back-sideways cap and being his age. black man? maybe he could get away with it. but the fact that he is shopping with his 6/7 year old daughter, and wearing it with some hiking boots and a fairisle jumper.

this guy was reading a book simply called 'genius'. i just missed the photo opportunity. saying that, he probably was so clever he just sensed my approach. Fair play.

this guy didn't move from when i got on the tube to when i got off. i think if i lived in london i would have loads and loads of drawings of people on tubes. its such a nice little snapshot of people.

i was imagining this guy had a bomb in his bag and he was so peaceful in his and our final moments. in his head is really loud, simple but rising piano music and then when we reach tottenham court road he lets go of the button and ends everything.

at this one shop they had little nutella single serving portions. not with the jams and spreads, but with the confectionery. i loved that. (40p each.)

organic linseed bread looked fucking shit. seriously shit. while i was getting a photo of how shit the moist brick of flavourless matter looked jamie found an energy ice lolly. i only ever associate eating an ice lolly with chilling out (no pun intended). i can't imagine picking this up over a red bull if thats what i was into.

its clear that carroll has not been firing for liverpool and has finally decided to make the career switch to working in graphics for ITV, more specifically tv burp. good on him, we wish him all the best.

can't fuck with tube gangsters.

again, the fucked up london style. don't hate on man wearing rolled 3 quarter length chinos with black footless leggings on underneath.

we were on our way to the rinse fm 17th birthday party at brixton academy.

katy B bun up the whole dance.

later there was a set with plastician behind the decks, P money, blacks, little D, kozzie, jammer and ruger round mic. it was proper proper sick, the whole crowd were well into it. it went on for time too. later on d double and footsie came out and did their annoying PA where they perform all the tunes like street fighter and woo riddim. they did a little squeeze off at the end and were joined by trim. so so good.

london mandem dayeeeer

look at this fucking shite shirt. jesus.

max fucked me up in nandos the following night, i asked for water w/ ice and he bought me back this. i got him back. i went to get him a coke and filled it with about 2cm coke and the rest water. horrible, light brown piss weak shit. its shit being friends with people isn't it?

a man on the tube had this weird little clicker with a strap for his finger, a button and a LED display.

i didn't know what it was, and he didn't know who i was.

thats all!! thanks for reading. for the rest of the week I've got a special edition waste man of the week planned and some hand styles from around london that i snapped over the weekend. cheers for reading and get over to Facebook and like the page!!

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