Friday, 25 November 2011


HEEEEY SOOOOOOOOO its the weekend. its friday. that means voting has officially been locked off for the wicked-land illustration competition. here are the results!

In third place came Vicky Von with her chav mum complete with tesco bags and all. when she emailed me this she told me that her character 'brushes her teeth with blue WKD' looooooool.

In second with a very impressive entry was Peter Heyes, i really really liked this one and would fucking hate to have to fight him.

BUT THE WINNER WAS WILL WRIGHT! he duppied the dance and got the most votes and therefore wins the competition.

im going to get in touch with will now and let him know. expect to see his work soon on this blog! I wanna say a huge huge massive thanks to everyone who entered and voted!

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