Wednesday, 9 November 2011


easy all, here is what has been going on this week.

I love it now you get 5 pound notes out of a cash point. not because its a lower denominator, but because they always feel so smooth and brand new. I'm buzzing at the thoughts of tourists using the cash point, 5 pound notes coming out all crispy and new and them pure vybzing off it.

seen this guy in burger king. sat on his own. it must be amazing when meeting people for the first time and then ask 'what do you do?' and you say 'I'm a glorified pedophile in a costume.'

i liked this. who wrote this? it was about 4 foot off the ground.

it's no secret that TJ's super market on the high street is one of the best shops. you know those blackfriars flapjacks i have been loving off recently? they sell fucking LOADS of different flavours. i had a banana toffee one. jesus.

this was the queue for orange wednesdays this week. mad long. and their wasn't really anything new on. no blockbusters anyway. fuck that shit. why not roll in and just use the self service machine? fuck saving 3 pounds.

at last, it happened. equilibrium was restored. bradley from s club 7 and bradley from our friends finally crossed paths, now they finally know if it all goes tits up they have each other. bradley from s club was doing a PA at liquid that night. he was asking us which was the best strip club to go after the show and talking about how he always leaves with strippers.

peanut and white lion bars were the vibe on friday night. surprisingly the peanut one was not mental mental. it was pretty good but not crazy like i imagined.

me and jamie recorded a couple of grime videos. i hope you like the bars. watch out for the joint mixtape that is gonna take over the whole fucking scene and be remembered as one of the classics like the blueprint or home sweet home.

seen a VCR on the street in the rain. literally worth nothing. i imagined like an advert of its life span, where you are supposed to empathise with it, like it has feelings. there could be a little face on the digital display on the front. going from being opened up at christmas one year, buzzing at its new home, through years of use to finally being discarded on to the street, in the rain, cold and homeless. think the 'coffee and tv' video by blur.

i love these guys. i think there is a huge difference between colour co-ordination and literally just wearing all of the same colour. i can imagine this guy walking around town and picking up the various bits he needs (like the hot pink vans) to put this look together.

this is more how its done. doesn't this guy look like something out of a comic book? he was dressed so sick, everything was massive and he had black hair pure gelled back but with one girl hanging down over his forehead.

peri peri ting on saturday with jamie and frank. jamie got a whole chicken with chips and a drink and it was around £8. peri peri do some unbelievable things. I'm getting well into the wraps at the minute. I'm going to go to peri peri after posting this.

the breasts were so deep and succulent and perfect to just rip bits off.

RELIGIOUS WARS IN TOWN!!!! that mad old Christian bloke with the hard boarded newspaper sheet was taking it up and warring with the hari krishnas.

which one seems more appealing? singing and dancing and pure vybzing or being constantly frustrated at the fact that nobody can believe some elaborate lie that got out of hand about a man that nobody has ever seen or has never been documented?

i really liked this book cover. top design. look at how simple the guns in the hands are but you know exactly what they are.

brilliant. what the fuck does this even mean? 'its not his story, its our story'? fucking idiot people. what is the fucking message.

i love the international supermarket down narborough road opposite the old library. appropriately named 'international'. they sell so many drinks, they kill it.

a few of us went to natalies house for some food before going to abby park fireworks display on saturday night. she cooked this ridiculously nice lasagne with pepperoni on the top, loads of potato wedges and loads of salad. all the lads were in chorus saying she was a top boy cook.

as we walked down the canal to abby park we seen some blokes getting pissed up, on the canal in little dingys. hahaha

abby park was fucked. we queued for ages and ages and when we finally got in it was so so packed. flipping mental.

i saw a genius guy with like twist spiked hair hanging down in curtains, like how peter andre used to have his hair except it was kind of tapered and well short at the back.


the fireworks started popping, everyone was into it.

pppshhhhheeeewwwww!!! there were some fucking mental sick ones.

i cooked a well nice dish on sunday night. bare veg and rice and chicken. i didn't make the sweetcorn from scratch though.


again, hold tight the man who wear all one colour. this guy taking it that step further though and wearing burgundy literally head to toe.

on the coach on the way down me and frank lodged my iPod in-between the two seats in front and watched UFC on it. it was like a well nice tiny tv.

we got to london and met max for nandos out of his work. that little fast twat from spurs and england was about. this is my picture with him.

watch out! danger man! rule breaker! theres your fucking tube rules mate, barriers are getting broke left, right and fucking centre.

we were in london to see yelawolf, a rapper from alabama. he was supporting wiz khalifa. he killed it, he was so so good live. its a shame hardly any of the crowd knew about him. we made the decision that we deffo need to go and see him on his own tour.

wiz khalifa came out. everyone was going crazy. i remember when he used to be a bit of a puff douglas rapper who just talked about weed. 'mesmerised' is a tune. 50% of kush and OJ is ok. i don't know what the fuck went wrong for this wet faggot.

i literally couldn't believe what i was seeing. he was prancing around, winding like a smack head stripper and pulling his t-shirt up to relieve his skinny stoner frame. he was singing his little gay love songs. bare men inside, and i mean big, london, strong looking black men were singing along. it was fucked. i couldn't believe what i was seeing. i don't know how people can rate this guy seriously.

big up the women with carrier bags on their heads because they don't want their hair to go frizzy and subsequently look like a twat. doing the carrier bag trick is like a short cut isn't it?

wow, that was long. thanks for reading as ever, ill get some stuff up in the next couple of days. i really want to do some sort of illustration competition, ill see if i can get that popping in the next couple of days.

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