Wednesday, 30 November 2011


So here is some of Wills work, the winner of the recent illustration competition. Will is a 21 year old Leicester local studying Illustration at De Montfort Uni. Will has a real good attention to linear detail and uses contrast very well in a lot of his work. I asked him some questions and got some of his drawings from him.

what kind of media do you use for your illustrations?

I use a lot of ink in my work, with dip pens. i like useing ink beacuse of the messy effect you can get from it, i think its quite a free medium to work with, its fun!

Bird marathon: This is a sketchbook page for a project called the bird marathon, its about aloud of runners dressing up as birds. dip pen and ink.

what/who inspires your illustrations?

ermmm loads of stuff, skateboarding, funny youtube clips, everyday life, movies. Some artist that inspire me are Mike Perry, Raymond Pettibon, Ed Templeton.

Colour: I hardly use a lot of colour in my work, so this was to encourage me haha. watercolours, dip pen and ink.

what do you like to do when you are not drawing?

SKATEBOARDING! love to skate, i also like photography i think its really fun, having beers is always good as well

Old lady: An illustartion i did for a old peoples alphabet, this is one of my favourites. Dip pen and ink.

where do you best like to work?

I probably get more work done at uni because theres no distractions, but i like working at home with my music on coffee, tea biscuits on the go.

Birds hanging: This is an illustration for a book competition im doing the book is called the bloody chamber and this is from the story "The Company Of Wolves". Dip pen and ink.

if you were making a dream sandwich, what would it be made up of?

wow, well lets start off with the bread it has to be granary i love that stuff, then both sides buttered and a layer of mayo, then we add the meat layer i nice bit of ham on both sides then salmi, just a lil bit of lettuce and tomato and then to top it of McCoys salt and vinger crisps to go in the middle.

Everypeoples: This is an Illustration i did for the leicester based company "Everypeoples" this is also a t-shirt design. Dip pen and ink.

what do you want to do with your illustrations? where do you see them going, whats next?

i don't know man im just going to keep drawing and enjoying it, i want to try and get a zine out with some of my work in it, id love to put a show on in the summer with a few people but will see, ooh and finish uni well haha

Veg: These are prints i did with different veg and then drew on top to finish them off, i think these are really fun! haha. Block printing ink and pen.

what was the last song you listened to? (not the last song you heard, but the last song you chooses to actually listened to)

Ive just gone to look on my itunes and the song that was on last was Rick Ross-aston martin music, but realised that i had it on shuffle, so i thought back and that last song i choose was Bad brains- I against I

You can see more of Wills work over on his tumblr, here:

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