Thursday, 24 November 2011


AYUP EREBODY!!!!!!!!! ooooh its getting cold isn't it? I'm sat in my room and in the corner of the room my computer is in it is two external walls. I'm cold mayn.

hold tight birdman because he is still doing his thing. hater proof.

these are some next level badboy thing that frank shown me. they are from the same shop as the little snickers on steroids things, same brand, same pack.

my ipod fucked me up the other night. it deleted everything off itself. i love my ipod. i hate my itunes. im one of those guys who has loads and loads of music, but loads of it is stuff i don't listen to anymore. it did this because i didn't eject it properly, i just pulled it out. i never eject it. i never have ejected it properly. i have never ejected anything properly. pendrives get pulled out for a fucking laugh.

i had to do this and it killed me a little bit.

it was a bad week really. i have had these green suede adidas years and always kept them really nice. i wore them out to sophbeck the other saturday and fucked them. i didn't know until i pulled them out from under my bed and found out.

darryls cat did this to him. I'm a dog person if you are asking.


we recorded a really nice grime song with a really basic drum loop. its gonna be on my new mixtape.

i achieved this the next day.

the inside of fleece sweaters are the best thing ever.

out of all of those deep tubes you get for christmas, like cadburys buttons and them other ones i would so fucking furious if someone thought to get me a love hearts one.

deeper roast at natalies the other night. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. pure nice chicken and that.

she made like a chocolate bread and butter pudding for desert and we had that with ice cream.

happy meal toys are shit now aren't they? remember they used to be so so fucking sick back in the day, some of them even had some real longevity to them. look at this. two little plastic figures of men. that's it, they don't do anything. that's it.

yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been boshing these this week. sour maoam. sickest little things, there is a strawberry and rhubarb flavour one that is different. very, very nice.

the little wrappers on the inside would make unreal t-shirt designs.

its a sad day when dappy is selling out concerts and having number one singles, tulisa is killing shit on x-factor and uncle fazer's phone is not ringing. having to take up gigs on his own at loughborough is a rough deal ain't it? i bet he wont be getting a lot for this.

this made me laugh. i think the fact that he is being branded a 'paedophile' is enough to shake free from the trust in his words.

me and max went to see dave gormans new show at de montfort hall. it was fucking spectacular, one of the best live shows of its nature i have ever seen. dave gorman is hard to explain to people who are not familar with his work.

he is sort of a stand up comedy, but he doesn't really do jokes. he is more about experiments and studying stuff but his attention to detail and just how committed he is to finding out something is what is funny. he did a tremendous tv series where he followed his horoscopes, taking all of the loose sentences super literally, and them measured how it changed his life in terms of finance, love and health. he measured results over a month against his twin brother, the control experiment.

we met frank and went mosh afterwards. it was a right laugh, we all got stupid pissed. waaaaaaaaaaaaay.


i have never noticed this wicked pink building. i really liked the colour. balamory shit.

thats it!! ill be sorting out the illustration competition entries tomorrow and seeing who is the winner so keep your eyes peeled for that!

thankyou for reading!

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