Thursday, 17 November 2011


Hey everybody. i think I've got a cold coming on but i don't want to acknowledge it, because i think that's kind of when you admit defeat and you start to actually get the cold.

doesn't this hair dryer look like MF dooms mask.

frank hooked me up with these little chaps. a plain wafer, nutella, more plain wafer, peanut butter, then sweet peanuts on the top. oh my god. the best thing ever, seriously. they are from some shop on granby street, photos will follow.

went to peri peri the other night and i got a BIG BOY portion of chips, and max (bottom left) got fucked over haha

MARYLAND NOW DELIVER. BIG LEICESTER NEWS! thats everyone sorted over winter then isn't it.

devilman was in peri peri in town.

this is the real devilman. looks like him innit!

saw the best invention. this guy was selling these bottle tops that fitted onto any size can. ideal for when you don't want to drink a whole can at once, or spill it like at a festival or something. i was quizzing him and he said they go along to all the big summer festivals and make an absolute killing. one of those annoying moments where you ask yourself why you didn't think of these first innit? how simple and obvious.

not homeless, just sat on the floor in town singing.

i bet this bitch is so so cool to hang around with. in her fake moschino all in one hoodie and trouser combo.

that weird shop that is in a house round the corner from me had some customers in the other day. how uncomfortable.

the mandem were getting tvizzled at my yard before leaving out for max's birthday.

it was good fun, i was smashed before we left.

we went to see caspa at some dub step night at the O2.

i liked this photo, as if it was a skanking dancing war or something. jones and lescott are battling iniesta.

bradley dislocated his finger in goal for us the other night. its all bruised and horrible now.

i don't think i could write the number 14 this shit if i tried. seriously, what the fuck happened here? i hope it was a super old fucked up person or someone let their little kid to it or something.

this is mental. if you haven't heard there is a law coming in that all black cabs will be fitted out with both visual and audio recording equipment before 2015. the recording will start from when the doors open to 30 seconds after they close. big brother watch dogs are deeming it a massive invasion of privacy, and the article went on to say that their has been no justification for the passing of the law. this shit pissed me off.

my delicious pasta lunch on tuesday. panchetta, pepperoni, red and green peppers and sweetcorn. i could fucking eat this right now.

these dumb middle class wankers are set up in town. moaning about the banking system. fuck off you twats, I've not got time for this. we asked him if he worked, he said he was in training for something. that'll be a no then. so there by not paying taxes they dont get a say right? they will get bored after a few days and jog off back their nice little homes.

wish list? they were asking for food donations and clothing. this isn't a wish list. its a 'pay for me to live' list. pathetic. i hope drunk people set their tents on fire last night.

this woman in the bank had a fucking disco ball for a hat. why did she see this and think yeeeeah, that'll do. ill wear that.

in another news, that shit chip shop on narborough road has shut down. i swear down that property is haunted or something, no business ever lasts more than 2/3 weeks. long live zarcone's chip shop just up the road, don't ever comp with a master.

thats all, as ever, thanks for reading and ill be posting the competition entries up tomorrow. cheers!!!!

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