Wednesday, 18 January 2012


heeeeeeey, ok so a load of us went to poland for a week. here are some photos of things that happened.


they were at it more or less straight away, bloody foreigners looool

saw some culture.

this was the full team.

shower don pizza straight away. this was £2.40.

polish chocolate was fully in effect.

we went to a karaoke bar to kick off the first night. it was with a proper full band, it was a right laugh, some of the polish guys were pure good at it.

frank and george did 'should i stay or should i go', i did a heartfelt rendition of 'someone like you' by adele.

this thing was in the club where you breath into a straw and in to it and it tells you if you are too pissed to drive. George was battered but got a green light where as Jamie who was sober got a red one. Inconclusive.

the take out food was carried away. they did well nice kebab wraps that were pressed in like a panini press thing.

a dead bird. good innit.

the hostel we were staying in was decorated in funny hippy graffiti.
lol. big up all the mid 80's leicester babies who get the joke.

we had these not so great open top sandwiches.

snow tried it, as there was none when we first got there.

hip hop stuff incase you didnt know.

the architecture was pretty sick bro!

this is my future yard.

some dumb whips out there.

me, dan, frank and jamie went on a massive walk one day.

snow started to fall.

we stopped off for a cake and a drink in this badboy little cake shop. i accidentally pushed in front of a couple women in the queue and in that got tutted.

some bad shot in a cabinet. kniiiifes, bulleeeets, cs gaaaaas.
frank thought about doing the proper europe ting. you know how when you are in another country you try the local dish? frank is more into trying the local fashion.

what a planker!
europe hip hop band steez.

all the best hip hop jams!

we spent the atfernoon in a bar with pool tables. the perspective in this picture is dead odd isn't it? jamie looks massive.

this made me lol. we went to a mexican restaurant for a nice meal.
big up the desperado chandelier.

i love franks face in this photo. i feel like although jamie is the frontman and the guy who the girls in the front row scream for, all the music mandem and the guys who really get the band enjoy frank, as he is only in the band to play great music, not to draw girls and do the whole rockstar thing.

simon says: go on holiday and have a great time and put your hands on your heads!

'ooooh yeah, you are in the band too.'

the food was nice, but they didnt serve it on plates. i had fajitas and had to make them up on the tablecloth.

back on road after a little overnight snow.

this day, we were off to zakopane, a mountain town a 3 hour drive away from krakow

there was bare snow that day.

big up all the hair guys trying to copy frank road europe. naaaaah maaaate.

george was heavily contemplating some shit on the coach to zakopane.

oh no, hang on. he was just sleeping luls.

the snow in zakopane was fucking peeeeak. proper deep.

imagine living in this. on the way up we saw someone shovelling snow off there driveway. pointless. it'll be there tomorrow, but that's what it takes to get the car out to go to the shop. fucked life.

on the cable car thing on the way to the top of a mountain.

we bought some sledges and hardly used them.

we went snowboarding. found a place that rented out the boots and the board for £2. fucking ridiculously poverty. it was so sick, we had the slope to ourselves.

everyone got the hang of it pretty quickly.

we were all on fyaaaaa. snowboarding is every bit as easy as i thought it would be.

we met another human who we asked for group photo and we should never have bothered. waste of time thick people.

after we had a lovely meal at the top of the mountain in a tavern with a few locals in it. they served these delicious hot chocolates.

ok so thats the lot for now. i hope you enjoyed reading through and i'll put the rest of the flicks up tomorrow. cheers guys!

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