Thursday, 5 January 2012


I'm really awful because i go along and save thing's that i like that i see on the internet, but i never think to save who they are by. for this i am sorry.

i hope you like all of these pictures.

something about this pyramid one is wicked i reckon. i like the angle it is taken from and the way they are all laid out in a certain direction.

i liked the way the moon is so massive in this picture.

neckface is one of my favourite guys who draw pictures.

i really like this storyboarding.

i don't know how i never saw this photo before, apparently it is well famous. It is a photograph of grace jones but her partner Jean-Paul Goude and it was used as the cover for her album 'country'. I really, really like this picture, the colours and her pose are triffic!

this is wicked. it is part of a project called 'in a perfect world'. it plays on the way that comic books and things like that lead our eyes around a page in a uniformed manner. do you get it? it took a second for it to dawn on me.

and finally oranges.

I'm gonna do loads of drawing tonight because i think it is fun again, and then i will do a photo post tomorrow and post the drawings the day after. WICKED LAND IS BACK BAYBAAAY

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Bitsy said...

she looks like shes made of wood.