Friday, 6 January 2012


I know what you are thinking. 'Finally, it's the weekend.' Also, here is some wicked-land. that's what i like to call a 'double win.'

I went to the Uncle Frank christmas show on the 30th. It was a well good show, pure good fun. Frank's face is not made out of curtain, this was just a red light on him at the time.

i like this picture. jimlad and frank are fifa sparring partners. watch out if you are trying to come through in the fifa scene. it wont happen loooooool

new years eve. how old would you say this guy is? i would love to go to download, i bet you see some amazing people there. like think when you go to a regular festival, you see people wearing mental out of the ordinary shit anyway, but i bet you see some genius people wearing crazy shit.

me, max and emma met sam and taz in firebug for a couple and saw the new year in there. me and sam started the countdown chant a bit early, had everyone counting down and then celebrating the new year before it had even landed. i took a screenshot of my phone as we laughed.


i popped over for one with the other lads in otree. everyone was enjoying alcohol like brits do.

me and max went to the sidewinder event at the O2 after. it was so so packed out. it was well good fun although hardly anyone turned up. the highlight of the night was maxwell D switching at dj slimzee because his vinyl was skipping. he had a massive strop on stage and left in a mood.

the next night i met the work lot for drinks and pizza at the bartenders ball at revolutions. pete was showing me the revolutionary (lol, i didn't even mean that) pizza sandwich. take two slices of thin based pizza, turn them so the toppings face each other and stick them together. you have done it.

we had loads of lovely cocktails and got dead pissed. the cocktails were delicious and so drinkable.

the next day we had football down riverside. it was one of the coldest days ever, but we had loads of us and a proper sicko game.

there was a massive fire down the bottom of the field, near the british gas depo. the whole field was covered with smoke as we left.

album cover shit.

saw this funny bin too. it wouldn't even occur to me to put a superman sticker on a dustbin hahaha. i was well into this.

max tried a bit of jamie's lettuce in peri peri. he has his plain, with just cheese and mayo. he doesn't eat vegetables either. he said he didn't like it.

this povo shop next door to peri peri has stuck some signs up in the window saying 'brik a brak shop'. it might as well say 'shit hole. we are not doing very well so we are selling a rail of old clothes too.' how embarrassing.

pint of ice cream daan the fackin bewzer. what's wrong? what's up with you?

i downloaded football manager for my phone. i usually take on wycombe wanderers for some reason when i start these kind of games, i don't know why, i just have done for ages.

here is a clue about the mental heights i have been taking the club to. just an idea.

this woman was sat in her little mobility scooter feeding the pigeons and every time they came close enough she would pet and stroke them. i have no words. that, to me, is mental. i think anything can happen these days.


this one is a bit of a tough one. it is in leicester city centre, i hope somebody gets it. everyone seems to have piped down since a couple of weeks ago when everyone was saying it was too easy. here is a hard one then. if you recognise where this is then just write the location on the wicked-land facebook page and if you get it right first then you are the winner. simple.

thanks for reading as ever, and i have some drawings to post up tomorrow. CHEEEEERS!

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