Thursday, 19 January 2012


ok so part 2! this was on the same day as where we left off with the last post.

as you can imagine all the convenience shops were ridiculously good, they sold loads of everything.

including anus chocolate. make of that what you will.

bad boy dog in the adidas shop.

ok so this was mental. inevitably we ate some mcdonalds. i've never felt more annoyed at our mcdonalds before in my life. the brown and green boxes are their two main burgers (beside the obvious standard issue ones) and they are simply mind-blowing. especially the green box.

the green one has a bun with cheese and bacon bits on top of it, big mac sauce, a slice of cheese, a nice burger, proper smokey smoked bacon (not like the burnt ham we get over here) and then a cheesy patty, but the cheese inside is like a slightly thicker cheddar nacho cheese, covered in breadcrumbs.

words cannot begin to explain how incredible this tastes. jamie described it as 'bazerk' and he wasn't wrong at all. they taste ridiculous.

the other one would still easily be the best burger in this country, but didn't quiet reach the rurified heights of its cheesy friend. it had an odd vinaigrette kind of sauce, cheese, bacon, a hash brown and the burger, all in the same bacon and cheese bun. ludicrous.

jamie got the appropriate food for the gentlemen too hungover to leave the bed.

stuffed peppers in a tomato sauce in a kebab shop like thats not the best thing you have ever seen. i wonder what polish people think of maryland and tj's?

this guy was sick, he had a bike with a bench on the front.

we went out on the saturday night. we found a place that was like firebug upstairs and sophbeck downstairs. it was distinctly average but we all agreed that you would inevitably get sucked in and spend the night there.

i really liked this plumbing. i remember being pissed, looking at it and buzzing out in disbelief. it was like a sick, thick metal shoelace.

we met two great dutch guys in the hostel, Tom and Annelot. they came out with us on that night and it was a right laugh. they were the kind of couple that has a secret hand shake, that's cool as fuck. but it wasn't your standard cuffs and slaps, it was a real complex, tight selection of moves. check it out.

it was fully tvizzle season.

more of those delicious burgers. mcdonalds is the most unreal thing in the world.

it was getting pretty tense living on top of each other. macho man bullshit pursued.

these wicked USB wristbands were in the adidas shop. pretty show show.

they had these wicked street vendors that sold pizza slices and calzones. the slices were massive, like a quarter of a 12'' pizza and they cost £2.40. they were delicious and amazing.

we spend one evening getting pissed in the communal room of the hostel doing tricks like the one where you lean against the doorframe and your arm raises by itself. this is my personal favourite.

lie face down on the floor and keep your forehead and belt pressed against the floor. get one friend to hold your relaxed arms up in the air, straight ahead of your head for 2 minutes, the higher the better. get another friend to do the same to your legs.

after two minutes, have them slowly lower your arms and legs until they touch the ground, all going to plan you should feel like your body goes into the ground. it's the best feeling you can feel without sex or drugs.

we went to a bar called 'rehab'. the flyer read 'when i grow up i want to go to rehab' with a picture of a little girl saying it. how distasteful haha.

dan got the shots in, a massive platter for a couple of quid.


more delicious mcdonalds burgers.

we went to the mall on the last evening for a look around. the food in the food court was carried away again.

stuffed aubergines, with cheese, hand made fries with vegetables and mental lasagne. it was so peak.

they had a massive ice-cream parlour too. every flavour imaginable. here is bubblegum ice cream, it looks so good doesn't it.

check out jimlads review.

lol @ belittling enclosed creatures. nah, on a real these fish had the tiniest little circle thing to live it. poor bastard.

saw a dead ringer of scratchy from roll deep. i tweeted him the picture, he didn't tweet back. never mind.

this guy had these hideous green puma boots on in the departure lounge. what made him think to buy these? it's mental what some people do.

these little cartoons are so funny. second row, third in from the left. loooool

that's it then, that's poland. it was such a wicked trip. i'll scan and post some drawings i did while i was there tomorrow. wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiiiiicked-laaaand.

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