Thursday, 26 January 2012


HEY UP YOU COOL READING GUYS! here is what has been going on since i got back from poland. it's relatively short because it's all been really quite quiet.

I went to watch Leicester city smash the shit out of Nottingham Forrest on the tuesday evening when we got back with George and Bradley. it was 4-0, bloody brilliant.

we spotted Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink (former premier league genius), shouted him and he gave us a wave. it was in my top 10 best moments of that evening.

the following night i cooked up a who don dinner for me and jamie. i love vegetables so much, i wish places like peri peri did portions of veg, that would be fucking wicked. my veg here was peppers, red onions, courgettes and sweetcorn in some spanish sauce thing. DEEE RICIOUS

look at how great this lime is. it looks perfect. all the equally measured sections and symmetry and shit. i fucking love stuff like this. that's nature, that shit just happened for no reason. the evenness of the peel around the outside. i like how when you slice into the inside of citrus fruits they are always kind of sealed, even though all the juice is just stored in there.

Boy Better Know did a brilliant video cast on sunday evening on Ustream. it was to celebrate JME's single 96 fuckries being released. they did a live set and were all being pure stupid and wearing bare silly hats and that. DJ maximum was playing some pure decent old school beats.


millsy was faking loving it. you should have seen her silly geordie hands trying to make the fajitas, oh my god. it was a right old state, all falling out of the ends and too big. what a delicious dinner we had.

i felt roooough for this girl. i bet she feels sore when her and her mate go out and about and her mate has got proper ugh boots and she is having to wear her povo edition ones. paaaain. she was pure stepping into the side of them if you know how i mean too.

i think i have forgotten how to draw again.

more people eating maryland in mcdonalds. the workers weren't even batting an eyelid.

some mental shit happened whilst i was in there. I was queuing up to get served and some girl, about 17-18 years old came down the stairs crying asking to speak to a member of security. I got seated upstairs and everyone was looking over at her like something had just happened. she spoke with staff a bit, a few customers came over and said they felt sorry for her as they left.

after she left i turned round to these two girls and asked them what had just happened. apparently some youngish indian bloke has come upstairs and said to the girl that he was just sat where she was and he had lost his phone. he had a quick look around on the floor and the seat, said he couldn't see it and he would try ringing it or something and left.

a few minutes later the girl realised her iPhone 4 was missing from the table. I'm guessing by her reaction that she didn't have insurance. thats mental innit!

this guy was cracking me up. he looked like the shittest secret agent ever. proper conspicuous. i shown my dad the photo and he suggested something cool, he was like 'what if he was the best though?' insinuating that he could be hiding in plain view. I'm into that shit.

thanks for reading then, i'll put a few drawings up that i have recently done. keep checking back and have a blinding weekend.

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Big Pun-net of strawbs said...

Henry C's up in the joint yo.
I just had to let you know, that crazy egg-dude drawing you did, and the subsequent comment 'I think I've forgotten how to draw again' Cracked me up proper. badman creasing ting.
Pure classy material as usual hypa.
Lets see if we can get WL a 10th birthday! It should be a multinational business by then though!