Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Yo. I'm going poland tomorrow with a bunch of the guysdem so this is just a little post of stuff i had on my phone from this week.

all it's been about is chicken and chips. firstly, we see barbecue base on narborough road. i asked the guy for a large chips and he went mental haha. he is one of the top blokes on narborough road. jamei had a whole chicken covered in this nice chilli sauce.

NEXT ONE: chunky chicken in town. jamie had ate 3 whole chickens in 3 days. thats chicken off the bone lifestyle.

kamakaze and twisted pennys came over after that to make a tune. we shot a little video too, so i'll edit that and get it up soon enough.

i made this little guy at work. i really like him. i might make a huge series of characters like this every time i see a pack of batteries or something. in other news did you know that kodak has gone bust? what a sad day :( (says me posting digital photographs from my mobile phone camera)

last night we ordered peri peri delivery for the first time. even with all the little extras in sauce and cheese on the burgers and what not they didn't fuck the order up, it all came perfectly. also, its free delivery if you spend over £10's so it didn't cost a think. it was really brilliant.

FINALLY IN THIS SHORT POST! i don't think anybody wants to play this anymore. i might just post the pictures to the wicked-land page and see if anybody plays like that. otherwise i might just fuck it off and keep taking pictures of chicken. tell me where this is:

well have a nice time in poland won't you? text me when you touch down and make sure you send us a postcard! see you soon!

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