Thursday, 22 March 2012


yo whats going on? every time i go to do a weekly post now i go to write an opening gambit about how nice the weather has been recently, but it seems to have been very pleasant for the last few weeks, so its pointless me remarking on it. although in saying i wasn't going to, i kind of have. ah well, next week then.

On friday i had to blow up bare balloons, like 50. at work. i was well lightheaded after. they looked like grapes.

i swear that second hand bookshop near papa johns on narborough sells the shittest books you can imagine. these were all in the window, as if you are meant to see these and dash in to see what other fantastic works they have on offer.


friday night me and darryl duppied a shubbz in birmingham. it was wavy season before we left, we got the bottles in and got pretty pissed.

the crowd were really good. we got more and more pissed while we were there, it was well good fun.

i didn't get this. for a pizza slice it is £1.45, but if you add chips its £1.25. big johns have done it again. i would be into it, if their chips weren't embarrassing lard sticks.

saw a Peugeot 306 police car on our way back from brum. is that real in this country? do they really exist? did we go into some weird blackhole and accidentally went into spain?

hit nandos up the next day with jamie, mills and dent. I'm really getting into chicken off the bone. just for the record, that was the first time ever myself (Sam), Sam, Jamie and Jamie have done anything just the four of us. you having that?

this guy was on his own in orange tree. just sat like this, in suspended animation. he looked so lonely and low.

obbbbbvvvvvzzzz fabrice muamba's heart fucked up. hope he gets well soon, i've been hearing about him in the news coverage and everyone says he is a bare nice person.

played sophbeck saturday night with darryl, for the first time in years. it was well good fun, i forgot how much fun playing that room was. loads of people rolled, it was a pure shower night.

natalie and roast lenged down the roast on sunday, 1,000,000% unreal shit, trust me they make the sickest roasts.

apprentice started again this week. i did a sweepstakes where myself, both my sisters, byron (roses boyfriend) and my mum got 3 random candidates, £5 each in, winner takes all.

Bilyana went first, one of my 3 randoms. fantastic.

i love mcdonalds, its the best food. i love eating it, if it wasn't so bad for you i would eat it every day. apparently the monopoly promotion has started again. BUUUUZZZING

finally when was the last time you pissed on a tv? BALLER SHIT. thats how I'm fucking living, don't ramp.

thats everything then. hope you enjoyed reading through the stuff. go back to a random month and a random post from years ago and tell me something that happened ages ago next time i see you.

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