Wednesday, 21 March 2012


here are some videos i have been enjoying recently.

Obviously the Tulisa 'sex' tape has been floating around over the last few days. Remember how N Dubz and Lethal Bizzle had a little beef not too long ago? well he had a few things to say. this video is seriously so so funny, first time i watched it i couldn't stop laughing so much. his catchphrases and timing is hilarious.

whilst browsing his channel i found this other one. in this video he talks about a time he saw faizer (or as he refers to him 'the p diddy one in the background') driving a honda civic. it's also really funny.

they are obviously both in a similar style to this one i posted a while back. if you didn't see this one when i was posting it around before, have a watch. he talks about winning £10,000 on a horse in the grand national.

this is wicked. i love things like this where the interview is dubbed over, but this guy is pure funny.

this is good, i think it is a little old, but i had never seen it before.

finally i have been listening to loads of kanye stuff recently, around the time of late registration and graduation. I love flashing lights, have a look how well the video goes with the song, its really good. obvvvvzzzzz got the chungers in it though so leeeeave it yeeeeah

thats the website called youtube, its got bare videos on.

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