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february 2012 officially had the least posts of any wicked-land month since august 2010. I apologise for that, it was a mixture of things. I spent last weekend away, so i didn't get a chance to put anything up, and then when i got back i was fuuuuuucked, pure ill.

here is what happened last week then. This security guard at tesco was just fucking around. Not even watching the shop, just chatting on his phone, looking outside the window.

I got a new haircut and did my best brylcreem quiff. i swear i have no eyeballs in this photo.

me and bradley went down to london to stay with max. first stop mcdonalds. max got a little top up on the meal and got the mcnugget happy meal in.

just know the levels

we went out to a grime dance in shorditch on friday. they served me this small bottle of kopparberg, i had never seen one like this before, it was the size of a wkd.

on the bill were Joker, Plastician, Logan Sama and scrufizzer. Little Dee and Blacks turned up to spray on Plasticians set, that was good fun.

the highlight of the night was logans set though, he is an unreal dj. when he plays grime vocals in a club it reminds me why i love that kind of music so so much.

some nice hand styles in the toilet cubicles.

we had a nice little chat with logan after the dance. max explained that him and logan should be best mates in real life. things in common: a love for grime, a past in war hammer (max was a national champion FYI), both massively into the nostalgia of wrestling and they both share a hate for spurs.

if max can live with logans healthy food obsession and logan can get into cats i think they are onto a winner.

we went to westfield stratford city the next day to meet Ben and his girlfriend Rebecca for food and to get a few bits. this was a really really nice day, pure sunny.

this amazing guy was walking around with a fishing rod, a scorpion tattoo and the most amazing outfit ever.

we all went to different food places in the food court. it was incredible. i went to this fajita place that was kind of like a production line, like subway.

you pick meat, rice, salad and sauce. look at the perfect, tight, round foil wrapped fajitas in the photo below.

it was truly amazing. if i lived there i would go every day. in the background is ben's jerk pork, i had a bit it was unbelievable.

they had an abundance of adidas satchels in the JD there.

this woman was copping a massage in the middle of the shopping centre. obviously in the physical it would feel nice, but how are you meant to relax and get into it with an audience? i like the thought of some woman so stressed from splashing out on her husbands credit card she needs to stop mid-shop and get a massage.

this is an eyesore isn't it? I can't remember what max said it was going to be, but it is near the olympics ground being built near the shopping centre. such a shit looking piece of crap.

as if life wasn't fun enough they put stuff like this on tv for men worldwide to enjoy.

saturday night George and Bonham arrived at max's, they were down for a comic book convention and met Stan Lee! george was telling me it was Stan Lee's first time in the UK for over 40 years. Stan Lee got a photo with George.

We ordered dominoes that night and chilled.

and watched wrestling somehow.

the next day was a good day for football. spurs and arsenal had an eventful meeting and liverpool beat cardiff on penalties in the final of the league cup. it was very stressful but ultimately fun.

this guy in the gym changing rooms had a tattoo of an old school 1940's gangster with a tommy gun and in kind of tramp-stamp-tribal-graffiti had the word 'gangsta' written underneath. i made a school boy error before taking this picture by not putting my phone on silent.

i was fucked from about 11pm monday through until about midday wednesday. pure ill. all in all on tuesday i added it up and i was sick 24 times. i lost bare weight too! i don't think i have ever been that ill.

natalie popped round the requested survival kit. i swear down tropicana orange juice is like my spinach whenever I'm feeling under the weather.

this photo is a little dark, so you can't really see it, but stalls have popped up in the bit of the market that they got rid off. all the stalls are selling is other peoples super tasteless second hand bits and bobs. the kind of shit that crowds the world up. the kind of shit that belongs in landfill. I'm talking porcelain ornaments, second hand books, old chests of drawers and shit like that.

there is no place for these market stalls, I'm fucking sick of shit like this clogging up our city. it should be illegal for people to make money from selling such shit. jamie said a while back just get rid of the lot and turn it into a square with restaurants and little cafes and street vendors in. it doesn't sound like such a bad idea. aside from a tiny part of the fruit and veg market and the flower stall its literally a useless waste of space.

well thats all, i hope you all have a grand weekend. again, I'm sorry for my lack of posts over the last week, but with being away and then close to death the last thing on my mind was destroying youtube and google by becoming even stronger.


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