Thursday, 8 March 2012


Its been a good week, the sun has been out so everyone has been in good moods.

me and darryl did some more work towards this grime project we are working on called bumper music this week. Its like a sing-along grime party soundtrack. (hence the kitchen knives and beer bottles.)

Thursday night I played a set with Jake Twell in loughborough supporting benga. it was well good fun the crowd was going fully mental all the time.

i got to meet benga. he was pure safe. i bet his life is unreal to live, he looked like he really enjoyed what he was doing.

this nomark drip was pissing me off on friday. people are smart. people are poor. people are realising that you can download films for free from the internet, no hype. blockbuster counteract this. blockbuster stand their man outside and tell him to try and draw people into the shop.

his approach was so rude, he kept blocking peoples way in the street and trying to force them into the shop, as if dvd rentals are almost an impulse buy.

on friday i went for burgers for lunch with the work lot. we went to the dry dock, and sat in the little roof bit. it was all sunny and warm, proper lovely. the burgers were delicious also.

her bro! i know you like nice shoes, but why don't you wear something that looks like a stormtrooper crossed with a range rover!?

this is on the wall in varsity. how nice is this? all hand rendered. sign painters are fucking dons out here. just have a minute to appreciate how perfect this lettering is considering it is done by hand.

natalie made pizzas on sunday. life in my mouth is better than its ever been.

a delicious spread with the pizzas, fries, spicy chicken wings and salad.

hey man, wassup?

as if that weren't enough she made me a banana and current cake. I took it round to darryls that night and we smashed it with some oaken vanilla yoghurt. deeeeerishish!

we recorded some more towards bumper music that night. its so fun to do.


Its all drama at work. virgin have locked off the internet in LE1 since yesterday until monday because they are upgrading the service. in standard virgin style they didn't think to let anyone know. I had to pack up and move my work stuff across town to phoenix square where i'm working in my bosses friends office for a few days.

the offices are so nice and swanky, i got a little key fob and everything haha. I got lost this morning trying to find them though, they are a mission from anywhere.

everyone started playing 'draw something' on iPhone's this week. special mention to mine (wickedlander) and ben melbourne's (hellboner) game, we are 73 turns deep. an affinity.

this car was geniusly parked on the pavement, no reason, no hype. anything goes.


thats called blogging bro, its called an online diary of my life for all to see complete with social comment, food pictures and references to popular culture. imagine if the internet is not just a force in our brains in the future and my children read wicked-land. that is the first time i have ever thought that thought.

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