Thursday, 15 March 2012


hey all you reading guys. i think we are properly into spring now, i've stopped wearing a coat to work, so that means it on. its been nice and bright.

As i'm sure most of you know the queen came to leicester last week. i walked around the crowds with bradley. their was an area marked out in town where she was going to roll through in the whip.

the king and queen of africa turned up to say hello, that was nice of them to show their faces.

did i mention about how i was over at the other offices for a little while? i spotted this really nice building near there. the brickwork is amazing, it had me looking at it thinking that men designed and built it.

the queen! that little pink group of pixels. some people posted sicko photos on twitter and Facebook, there were so many people out. this happened by chance. when i got moved across back to our office, i cycled back through town and happened to be going by the clock tower whilst she came out of the car.

i met max who was up for the weekend and we went to look at some physical albums. that was odd. this made me laugh though, temporarily reduced music, like as if some day soon the prices on these are going to shoot up.

saturday was a bag of hype. it was frank's, mairi's and kirsty's birthdays. we started off with pre drinks an the campbell household, everyone was getting smashed.

wavy season loool

then we headed into town. this made me laugh in the garage. 'eating' liquorice. as apposed to smelling liquorice, or rubbing liquorice.

i bought a pack of chewing gum from the garage. over the course of the week since i bought them so many people have spotted the pack (on the side in my bedroom) and asked for one. the flavour i got was the peppermint ice wrigleys extra. It's weird because i always have normal spearmint extra in stock and nobody ever asks, but this flavour is mad popular.

we moved on to republic, where we met natalie, sarah, mills and dent.

we were about 30 strong up in the club. why doesn't republic have a photographer? this is the best my drunk shaking hands could manage.

fucking waaaaaaste. obviously I'm trying to sleep the next morning. i wake up to the sound of someone scuttling around my flat. action mode. adrenaline. grab that inevitable weapon from beside the bed and go.

the sound was coming from the living room. i got down there and there is a middle aged indian man up a step ladder fitting a curtain rail. thanks for the heads up, landlord! i go back to bed. when i awake in the middle of the day i go through to see the work the man had finished.

i was amazed. instead of fitting the curtain rail (and curtains) around the bay window, he just screwed a rail into the wall, so that when the curtains hang, they would just fully cover where the sofa is.


i spent sunday evening like this, looking at photos of different people on our phones and talking about people. the weather was dumb nice on sunday. pure sunshine.

the levels are going up on draw something.

i saw a women getting stopped and taken upstairs by the store detectives in boots. embarrassing. she was stealing nappies.

more bumper music ensued last night, its going well.

i went to that sicko deli opposite sophbeck again today. this guy was remixes of food now, and i just trust him with my lunch. spinach pasta, with some chilli chicken, chilli sauce, mint sauce and cheese and potato pie on the side. i think it is an indian thing to just put everything together, and not worry about segregation within the dish.

It was delicious.

(the word 'sophbeck' was underlined with that red wiggly line meaning 'spelling mistake'. what colour wiggly lined do you think means 'life mistake'?)

that's my week. i hope you have enjoyed reading. I'm going to draw tonight and my scanner at home is working again so i'll post some doodles. walllllaaaaan

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