Wednesday, 4 July 2012


in my head i wanna type 'BRAND NEW CHUMBLR BABY WE'RE GOING IN!' and you lot have to say it out loud in a tim westwood voice.

i really liked the photo, the contrast and colours and that are brilliant but i really really like the subject matter. I'm dead funny when it comes to still life photography, its fully not my thing, but i really liked this. pizza looks different as well.

so this cool dude Sophie Henson made these wicked posters, i really like this kind of hand rendered typography, i wish i was better at it. I'm guessing she did more, but these are two that i came across.

a lovely little logo for 'kept'

check out this BIKID typeface. getcha geek orrrn, getcha geek ooorn

I know nothing of this, i just came across it. cool though isn't it. i love things like this that make space of nothing and use scale.

i thought this was quite funny and original. it made me laugh out loud as it goes so well done Jim.

my tumblr would be the best, fuck y'all

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