Thursday, 12 July 2012


slow life is lived. CHEKITAH

Im a bastard for lovely handwriting. Imagine if this was yours, how lovely.

LOOOOOOL This girl i know Nat posted this up, made me laugh.

See how the island the boat is approaching is a skull? I love shit like this in stuff like old sega games, so cool.

This is just about as close to perfection as anything you have ever seen, right?

I love the colours and the hands in this illustration. and the way dots of his stubble are outside of the line that marks the edge of his chin making it look just that bit longer. wonderful stuff.

Imagine being here. how peaceful

Well their is some stuff I've seen recently that I collated because I liked. I hope you enjoy similar things to me, otherwise that was probably pretty boring. here is a song I like to finish. Thank you

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