Wednesday, 18 July 2012


If I had a tumblr, this would be my shit.

I absolutely adore this poster. the illustration is so lovely, and the colours are amazing. i love the way the clouds and that are made up of loads of vertical lines dead close together.

this is cool, any photo where there are absolutely loads of something, talk to me. I will probably like it.

looooool how crazy is this? I like the thought of people who write 'i wish my wife was this dirty' looking at this, pausing, considering stepping their game up and then thinking naaah fuck it.

football is the best.

how nice is this colour way? this trend of picking a few colours for vector illustrations is super trendy at the minute. I think its a throwback to screen printing, this is done really well though isn't it? a lovely collection of warm colours.

Id be so buzzing if i could paint like this. do you think this is good or shit? i really really like it because even though the bulk of it is that one colour you can fully tell what it is. I think there is loads of emotion in it too.

here is another example of the colours thing i was just on about, again done very nicely.


thats shit I like and have been looking at. here is a song to fade out to. I think this video is fully sick, what a good concept, really well executed too. apparently Jam Baxter's new ep is unreal.

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