Tuesday, 31 July 2012


When I first started Wicked-Land I used to do these sandwich tutorials, and long time followers will know how i come through and duppy the sandwich game. I had some nice ingredients at mine so i got busy in the kitchen with a step by step for all you guys.

Firstly, I used a healthy spread of sour cream and chive dip on fresh french baguette. I like to think of that as a nice foundation, and a moist maker for the sandwich. Then I folded some Salami on it, in the style of subway, you know the little half roll style. like that.

then was the pepperoni. Spicy, cold, red meats in a sandwich are always a winner.

Next I put some cheese in. my favourite kinds of cheese are the super smelly white ones, this was a mature cheddar. I always find putting cheese in the middle of the sandwich is your best bet. It breaks up the layers and adds traction to the middle of the fillings.

Obviously grill the cheese so it melts onto the meat. are you mad

Next, I sliced some picked gherkins and put them on. thinly sliced, and evenly spread. a vertical slice (like mcdonalds burgers) is also a fully acceptable way to slice a gherkin, but given the choice I'm a horizontal man. you can buy jars of pickled gherkins horizontally sliced already. perfect world.

next i went for some picked jalapeƱos. Im really into these and gherkins at the minute, like serious ingredients. so crunchy and delicious in a sandwich.

finally I gave it a nice squeeze of mayo to top it off. people were ramping saying that sour cream and mayo in the same sandwich isn't really necessary. i think if you start thinking about what is necessary in a sandwich you'll start making a swag, shit sandwich.

obviously put the top on and you've done it.

I took this to work today for lunch and felt like a really seriously cool dude. it was delicious. i wrapped it up tightly and gave it a good few hours to marinade. I enjoyed it with an ice cold can of rubicion mango. seriously mindblowing.

enjoy your life and don't commit suicide any time soon. thanks for reading!

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