Friday, 13 July 2012


WIIIIIICKED-LAND!!! AT LAST THE WEEKEND IS UPON US!! I saw someone say this week, say for example on Tuesday 'If you spend your week waiting for the weekend you'll miss 5/7th's of your life. enjoy your Tuesday.' pretty sure it was some sportsman on twitter someone retweeted. Its a relatively easy premise to put into place if you play sport for a living. Imagine if you worked in a factory pressing a button all day for a living. How fun could you make Tuesday?

We played football on Riverside field on sunday, it was fucking marvellous. Loads of people turned up and besides getting soaked initially the sun came out and it was really good fun.

That evening Natalie cooked for me and Brad. she did Linguine with smoked bacon and chicken in a creme fresh chilli, garlic and lemon sauce, served with green beans and garlic and herb pizza bread. oi lock off food because natalie completed the ting. its not even a contest anymore, this was taking the piss.

for desert we had homemade melt in the middle dark chocolate puddings with a crunchy topping and vanilla ice cream, I didn't even get a photo of that I was so gassed I just ate it super fast.

these peaches made me giggle. little donut chaps, they looked so flat and funny. irony is I bet they are actually better for you than the perfectly round ones you get from super markets.

I saw this on the table outside that little bookshop in the arcade near wardrobe. i bet this wears pretty thin pretty quickly. how many david beckham jokes can there be? the book was actually pretty big haha. another thing; how does that book shop stay open? surely they can't make enough money to make it a profitable business?

Stephen Merchant disguised as some polish woman on a documentary I watched about the aftermath of the london riots.

I saw a guy the other night wearing a OBEY snapback with a matching OBEY vest. is this real? what is he thinking? imagine instead of getting sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a load of children they just sentenced you to knock around with this guy everyday for the rest of time. He gets to dictate the order of events, and you just have to go along with it. whatever he wants to do with his day you have to accompany him and engage in his conversation. Nah, no crime could deserve that actually.

Sarah bought a copy of 50 shades of grey for her holiday. I flicked to a random page and took this picture. So here is an excerpt of the book, if you click the photo it will enlarge so you can read it. I understand a lot of women/ people are reading it out of curiosity, just to see what it is about, but this is seriously embarrassing. 

If girls are reading this shit and getting hot under the collar please don't ever speak to me again, I don't want to associate with children who think this shit is fun. just leave the room and never drink water again, just go straight to bed with your little bedtime story and just look at the ground for the rest of your life please. pathetic embarrassing childish shit. It annoys me that people will read this, trying to send a message that they are overtly sexual beings, yet this is the sort of subject matter. what pathetic begs.

On a lighter less stressful note I took my mum out the other night. I wanted to take her somewhere nice for dinner for her birthday (last week) but she insisted on going to nandos, because she had never been haha. she really enjoyed it and said she gets what all the fuss is about. then we went cinema to watch men in black 3 in 3D. it was really really enjoyable, genuinely a good film, some really funny bits. the special effects are mental too, I can't imagine how they do some stuff. either way we had a lovely, lovely night.

Everyone will be glad to know that Reems fun bar has changed its name for the 4th time this year. Its now 'Hensons'. they have the same kind of vinyl banner across the top instead of a sign so it's easy to change the venues name when they need to again in a month or so. I'll let you know.

Thats right. Wispa gold mcflurry. I know. Imagine if it was actually summer and you could eat one of these in the sun. Last day on earth kind of level of enjoyment no doubt. Dying wish shit.

Aggggeeeeeees ago Eric gave me this foil tab, and you peel it open and its got like a dissolvable sheet in it that you put on your tongue and it melts (remember Wrigleys Extra did a similar thing for a bit?) Well this particular one is like an energy thing, like a red bull version, but from some odd generic brand. thing is I've had it in my wallet so so long, like literally years and I came across it this week. It'll no doubt be out of date, I wanna drop it and see what kind of YOLO energy it gives me. I remember Eric saying they taste horrible at the time, so i bet this is so rank. I'll record it if I do it.

anything called 'eskimo' instantly becomes cool because Wiley is a living god. If he hadn't of blocked me on twitter I would tweet him this picture.

meanwhile in leicester the weather is still shit. I think it rains every single day. for a bit at some point. I cycle everywhere and Im constantly getting soaked from water splashing up on me. Im getting sick of it, I've never known something so depressing. look at this picture and understand that this is july. its been like this all week and even when the pathetic sun does show up for an hour its still not even hot, its just bright. I want it to just be dry and nice so everyone can enjoy their lives. It's so depressing. Imagine the poor bastard kids who are on 'summer holidays' from school.

That's all for my week. I've got a funny video, if I remember I'll post it up tomorrow. Thanks a lot for reading guys, see you soon!

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