Friday, 6 July 2012


Hmmmm. I have no idea what to write here. The Euros finished and i'll come onto weather during the course of the post, so it kind of only gives me the option of going into the photos doesn't it?

well for the first time this year, and only the second time since I left, I visited booker, the cash and carry where i worked for 6 years part time during my studies. I went with dave, my booker tag team partner, who also served a similar stint.

its weird how much your memory associates with your sense of smell. There is a rather distinct smell to booker, the smell of stale air trapped in a big warehouse, concrete slabs and a kind of vinyl smell kicked out by the big heaters all mixed to make it very unique and memorable. the feeling of working there came straight back to me.

they have put these black strips on the cigarette department entrance now.

all the chef's larder herbs come in slightly different tubs now. (riveting stuff for me, for you, maybe not so.) we look like guards at buckingham palace or some shit haha

we had a good mooch around, saw some of the old lads and did a bit of shopping. its weird. between me and dave we gave that company about 11 years, but the majority of young lads working there part time who were on at the weekend had no idea who we were. There isn't a lot of things I couldn't tell them about that building, or their job. I wonder if I was ever in the presence of some booker veterans and didn't realise the weight of their dynasty looool


the rain continues, an onslaught. we have had a couple of days of really nice sunshine, its like we cannot get a little run going. for example yesterday was really warm and sunny, and then today it has been pissing it down so so much all day long. relentless. Im going to a festival in september, it better be nice and hot like that time last year.

I performed some songs at Rockafellas on tuesday. it was lovely behind the Dj booth because they had this massive fan on pumping out the cold air. I kept doing that thing where you let it blow up the back of your shirt and it makes you look super hench looool

So this guy added me on Facebook ages ago, some 16/17 year old who MCs. Im not going to say anything about his music, but just take a second to listen to him and draw your own conclusions. I'll give you a couple of minutes.

either way, in his photos he is a little pum. one of those embarrassing white guys who always holds up fingers as if he is grabbing guns (not in the super cool ironic way) and his subject matter in his music is all about being 'on the grind' and how 'ard' it is on the strip and stuff.

regardless, i digress. my point is i seen him in town wearing a hat in the most ridiculous manor, it made me laugh so so much. check this out. Just balancing on the top of his little head. the women in the foreground is saying 'c'moooon, for fuck sake, what the fuck is this shit!?'

I thought this was rather un-PC by FHM, i bet they land in hot water for this. They published sabrina's comment in the bottom right corner saying she things a deep V t-shirt looks 'gay'. obviously, without seeming ignorant, we all know what she means, she means it looks camp, something that a typically gay man would wear.

however, how can FHM publish her comments insinuating that an item of clothing can dictate your sexual preference? or that the t-shirt itself can hold its own sexual preference. I thought it was pretty ignorant by the publication.

I couldn't get a good photo, get there were 3 full blown carrot tops sat around this table of 6 people. we sent that off to the wicked-land number bods and they said that is 50%. they were pure, pure strong over the top ginger. don't sit together, just break it up a bit, it's too obvious.

Am I right in thinking that guinness is an acquired taste? I don't understand why HP would bother making this sauce, surely it really wouldn't sell well? anyway, whatever. Kudos to them for doing something different, I would be very interested in tasting some of this.

It was my mums birthday yesterday, so her and natalie made a hot buffet of loads of nice shit and my aunties came over. there was so much shower shit that was bare nice.

my plate was moving kind of serious yana. i had bare of these little mexican chilli beef wrap things with sour cream. home made cheesy garlic bread too. niiiiice

hold tight my mum though, natalie and rose made her a cake and decorated it with chocolates! trrrrasmeeee its not long

It was pissing it down today as I cycled to work. I got in, locked my bike up and was seriously in an awful mood, soaked through and not impressed. Sarah went to birmingham yesterday and pleasantly surprised me with a little krispy Kreme's selection and one of their hats left on my desk. This is the site I came into at work. The photo is a little blurry around the edges, thats not because of condensation on the lens because of the rain, its because that moment was like a dream.

well thats what has been popping off. I had a really funny lunch today, Im gonna do a write up on the place over the weekend. thanks for reading!

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