Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Ok so my weekend was absolutely jam packed with fun stuff, I saw a lot of mental things. Let me take you through it.

Me, Aaron and Tom went for dinner at Franks restaurant, it was fucking blinding. This is one of those situations where I'm obviously going to say it was good because he is my mate, but it was bang on. I had this chicken with tomatoes, peppers and onions, and it was proper tender. we got loads of little tapas to share. Tom had some chicken with a creamy sauce and Aaron had some salmon. Top stuff.

Max and Bradders joined us for a drink later that night.

Started recording the 'Silver Tongued' EP with Teeps and Kama, it's going to be a four track hip hop effort, vocal led by all three of us and produced by me. should be out for free download around the end of the month.

Myself, Rose and Natalie met our cousin Nastassija for some lunch as she was up from Kent to visit. we went to the reynard and just had a cheap pub lunch but fuck me it was genius. these three old blokes who were sat around our table started going back and fourth, busting jokes (jokes, in the loosest possible sense of the word) with each other to make us laugh, their characters were amazing. Bob, Barry and Malcolm were doing things like pretending to call each other and be David Cameron and Barack Obama, and doing things like the phones 4 U hand signal. So amazing.

This trophy is a bit mental isn't it? It stood about a meter tall. I don't really get the message with the bloke breaking out of the football.

Its wet on the floor. Its cold outside. I still don't get this thing of young people busking or whatever. big up the odd one that is actually good, but most of the time its X Factor having warped their brains into thinking that everybody deserves stardom, and follow your dreams however hard the path may be! Or, in other words, sit on the rainy floor on the high street outside a closed down bookies.

My man was a quick DJ in the shop hahaha

The way our TJs was wrapped the other night was something quite spectacular. look at the separate VIP lounge for cans. brilliant work.

Eskimo Dancing at the O2 arena on saturday night. Stayfresh from brum absolutely smashed it.

It was really sick, loads of Mcs shown up and did loads of classic bars, it was amazing.

Annoyingly though, as ever with leicester the crowd was so so fucking dead. Any other city I've been to for grime dances before, namely Birmingham, Sheffield and London the crowd go nuts and actually care about grime music. Its heavy music and the crowd go mental, jumping around, mosh pits, everything. All the cunts in the Leicester crowd were more bothered about posing off for the opposite sex than actually enjoying the music. Fucking idiotic funky house pricks telling people to chill out but standing three rows from the front whilst 25 grime MCs line up with the intention of getting the crowd gassed. fucking morons watering down a wonderful culture.


teeps was Belvidere balling, pouring the shit away for a fucking laugh. Silver Tongued out soon.

We went to sophbeck and I started bothering this guy in the queue for a photo. I was shouting at him like he was a celebrity.

The reason is he kind of is to me. Every week when the photos from Religion Tuesday go up I have a nose through. and every single week this fucking narna is in the photos pouting his little female face off with his bimbo mates. I mean seriously, I'm a modern man, but look at this fucking mess. what a cunt. plucked eyebrows, a floral shirt and a grade a trout pout.

Is this what men are now? Is this how males act? are girls attracted to this generation of wannabe Essex dickhead pretty boy wankers? I can't take much more of this seriously. It's one of those things where more relaxed people will dismiss it and just think 'don't let it bother you', but it does. It kills me to think that these bimbos are breathing the same air as me. People will try and excuse these faces because they are young! and this is what taking MDMA makes you do! you stick your tongue out and gurn! Then don't take something where there is documented evidence of you trying to look like 17 year old female beg. This behaviour seriously needs to stop.

The charity wankers are trying to ruin Market street as well. are we going to let them take it?

I got to meet my Cousins son, Louie yesterday. What a lovely birthday present! He is so tiny, 6 pounds 7 oz when he was born, and he was less than two days old here. Seriously, it fucked me up, I've never felt like that before in my life. He was sleeping and he just fitted perfectly on my forearm. He dropped a yawn and it nearly brought me to tears. He is the first in the next generation of our family.

I went for a takeaway and some presents and cards round my mums house with my mum and my sisters yesterday evening. Natalie went mental and made me a chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake, seriously I don't think I could enjoy something sweet to eat more than this. Quite literally tailor made to my taste by my favourite cook, are you fucking stupid?

Im a dominos guy you know. don't chat to man

A few of us hit up republic last night just for a little wave. It was really good fun, I've only ever been once on a monday before. The Dj in the RnB room was shocking though, he was seriously so so shit. all over the place all night. He was playing Labrynth and stuff like that. All of a sudden all chart music made by a black person becomes RnB then is that right? Or is earthquake by Labrynth a main room tune? cheers.

This guy was absolutely amazing. As we left he was pissed out of his head and he tried to start on Dan. His mate apologised on his behalf and then they were walking back with us, going mental. He was so fucked. He stepped backwards into the road and a vehicle beeped him and zoomed by. He jumped back up on the curb and in a fit of anger at nearly being run over he threw his own shoe at the vehicle. Turns out it was a dustbin truck, it flew clean between the massive metal teeth on the back of the truck and straight into the bit the bins get emptied into. The truck just drove off and he was left with one shoe hahaha.

Here is him deciding that no shoes is less embarrassing than 1 shoe.

wowzers. Thanks for reading. Trust me, I've had the sickest birthday this year, crammed in so much good stuff all weekend. I hope you've enjoyed you stay, I'll be back with a restaurant review very soon!


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