Friday, 15 February 2013


Ok a couple weeks ago me and Olly bopped through this new turkish place on Narborough road. It opened a couple of months back, here is the scoop on what's going on inside.

NAME: Istanbul Restaurant

LOCATION: 73 Narborough Road

FOOD: The food was amazing, me and Olly were emotional wrecks the whole way through the dinner. It was so to my taste, all really juicy and fresh. The menu was wide, with so much choice and selection, one of those places where you could have had about 6/7 different favourite dishes. Lovely huge portions of fresh ingredients, loads of rice, veg and meat all cooked from fresh. The garnish and salad was lovely and vibrant and all the meat was beautifully marinated. no gas, i'll seriously give this one a 10/10

^ left; vegetable moussaka and chips, right; chicken shish kebab and rice.

ATMOSPHERE: It was pretty loud and very busy, we went pretty late so it had a cool kind of lock in vibe. we were sat next to a massive party of indian girls on a hen night though and it was hard to enjoy it through their nasal squawking. The staff were very welcoming, It was all pretty standard really, you were just left to it. 7/10

DECOR: The Decor was funny. It was typically european, they had not spared expense and it was all very clean and well lit, but it was very... unique. They had massive prints on skylines and stuff like that. The leather chairs had little fake diamonds in them. It was very well kept if not a little tasteless. 7/10

SERVICE: The service was top draw. The waitresses kept bringing over fresh water, sauce, bread and olives to our table and were really understanding with our little requests and whatever else. The ridiculously beautiful eastern european girls roamed the restaurant and were always on hand incase you wanted anything. they were so kind. the kind of eastern european girls you know if within 10 seconds of meeting them you proposed and sub sequently married them it would without a doubt be the best decision you ever made. One cool thing is that they stay open and serving until midnight. slight language barrier made it a 9/10

PRICE: The pricing was very, very reasonable indeed. Mains were around 7/8 pounds, and they came with rice, potatoes or chips and salad. sides were like £1.50/£2 and every table got a complimentary basket of this lovely fresh soft bread and some sauces to dip it in. They also did the same menu to take out, for a pound less from every main. 8/10

day to day different stews and dishes were slow cooked in the morning and served through the day and evening.

The chef were those shower faced say nizzy kind of guys. All cooking was done on an open grill on the right as you walked in.

CONCLUSION: I really enjoyed my visit. The food was blinding, so fresh and full of flavour it seriously stands head and shoulders above anything in its price range. cost wise, Its a happy medium between going to a chicken shop or a £3.99 narborough road place and a cheap restaurant like nandos. the service was incredible, very welcoming, and the way they dish the portions up they really want to feed you. I had eaten in a similar place in London about a month previous and really enjoyed that, and hoped this would be similar. they delivered, didn't disappoint and i'll definitely be going back. A welcome addition to Narborough road and judging by their custom in the early stages of their business, I think they could be in for a long dynasty.


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