Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Here we are then wickedlanders. more fun and games. I was just thinking about how my whole life is based around wicked-land more or less, like I spend my days constantly clocking for things to go here, and I remember when I started it I never thought I'd be bothered enough to carry on doing it. who knew.

Everybody is out here on their grind yeah. Peep out my man just chilling in Peri Peri writing his bars for his mixtape grind. LIFE

The sainsburys at the quay has finally closed down. Tesco has strangled the last little sliver of life from its slightly overpriced neck. It's currently under renovation, I wonder what it'll be next. I'll keep you posted if I find out.

The subway dwelling guy on Narborough road had the big head piece. huge headphones with lights all over them and a built in mic. they looked like something from robot wars.

I went to Nottingham on friday night with Darryl, Max and Scott to watch Darryl Dj at detonate. He had a hotel room so we spent the night fucking around in that and getting pissed. It was really really good fun.

Pretty Woman was on the TV. Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward is one of the sexiest characters ever to be depicted in my opinion. Julia Roberts around that time was just a ridiculously stunning woman anyway, but the way she plays that character blows my mind. In that tacky looking blonde wig with the blunt chop. fucking hell. It made us all feel very young.

We took it in turns to draw a penis each. on these we wrote the twitter address for the alias Darryl was DJing under that night, and a motivational message. Me and Scott posted them under peoples doors hoping they would enjoy them as much as we did.

We were being a bit noisy and the room next to us started banging on the wall. we quietened down. they banged. we banged back. it went on. they complained, we complained. at 2:30 when we finally left our hotel room we slipped this under the door to smooth things out. as we did we banged their fucking door down hahaha. we wanted to be sure they were awake to enjoy the note and bury the hatchet.

This was the team for the night.

some weeeeell tall matrix guy was about, wearing the biiiig leather jacket. I bet this not only looks fucking ridiculous, I bet it weighs a ton too.

Saw the Beastwang mandem enjoying it. wicked land representers stilllll

the crowd in the room Darryl played in were really rowdy and up for it, it was sick!

How do you feel about this photo? It makes me feel weird, but I kind of know I like looking at it.

Look at this pug's painful little face asking to be put out of his misery. what a funny little chap haha. He was so animated

I saw the Nottingham version of Teeps mobbing around. you into that? The more I look at this though the more I think his face looks like me when I was a bit younger.

This girl at the train station well looked like a grime MC called Scrufizzer...

Here he is. and he also well looks like Liverpool FC winger Raheem Sterling...

Good innit haha

We had our staff party on saturday night. We went for Nandos then had drinks at RBar and Sosho. It was a proper good night, I really enjoy seeing all of the promo staff, even if I do only see them once every 6 months. Sarah and Grace were unloading their nandos leftovers onto me so I had a chicken pitta with chips, rice, garlic bread and mash. I'm going to go nandos with this pair more often loool!

Pete Ardley turned up out of the blue, I hadn't seen him in a little while. It was nice having a couple of drinks and a chin wag with him. I managed to knee him in the lip too. what a cunt.

I'm preeeetty sure regardless of wether he shot up his wife in cold blood or not the Daily Mail are not supposed to start referring to Oscar Pistorius as 'blade runner'. Are they allowed?

Doesn't it look like Jack Whilshere is saying 'WOU WOULDN'T GET IT MATE! YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND IT!' loooool this had me dying.

There was a mix up with who was driving to football on monday night which meant 6 of us had to cram into Toms car. Me being smaller than an actual full size human I had to sit on the floor in the footwell surrounded by Jimlad's, Max's and Frank's legs. not the most comfortable journey of my entire life.

We saw Black the Ripper at religion last night. He was really really good, very clear and had a couple of bangers. I was saying Ive only ever heard freestyles and stuff but he gave out some mix tapes last night, I copped one and I look forward to bumping it.

Well that is it, thanks for reading, Ill be back with some cash money blogging soon. lalala

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