Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Quick, grab yourself a seat. Wicked-Land is about to start! I've been thinking all day today and wondering if you could focus hard enough on what motivates you to the point that it dramatically changes your behaviour. Like if you just focused on the reason why you bother being you, could you basically stop things that bother you outside of what motivates you bothering you? does that sound too complicated to think of or is that ok? I do hope that doesn't seem to vague, but I need it to be kind of non specific so you can apply it to your plight.

I clocked another burgundy on burgundy guy in the Highcross the other day, as a little bonus round there is even a guy on a bike in the background just jamming in the highcross. You're welcome.

Sandeen is a handsome young fellow isn't he?

Me and Max chanced upon these genius 16 year old lads. They had just come from a nappy night and were pissed out of their heads. They were MCing for us and saying that me and max were their 'main men' hahaha. I look at them and I really, really hope I was not that embarrassing when I was that age.

Here is a photo of me and my silver tongued affiliate Teeps inside sophbeckle later that night. special mention to my huge nostrils say nada.

Everyone was out for Darryls night 'Show Me Love', A 90's dance music night.

It was a really good night, everyone got there pretty early and just got fucked. If you missed it, I can't recommend keeping an eye out for the next one enough. It was one of those nights where you were constantly thinking 'woooooy I've not heard this song in ages!'

P0gman came over from Wolverhampton to do a set. It was nice to see him and all of his mates, it's been a little while.

so mandem are actually wearing these kind of t-shirts now then. even with girls, everyone knew it was bad enough when girls were wearing them, but now blokes too? when is shit like this going to end? cool pin rolled sleeves though bro, go for it.

Met up with my mum for a nandos the next day. It's been so long since I've been. there were two young indian girls sat next to us and all they had was a large portion of chips to share, it was so odd. at one point they were banging the bottom of the ketchup bottle to get some out and it all flew everywhere.

Me, Kama and Teeps finished recording towards the Silver Tongued EP, a 4 track hip hop download that will be available march 1st. I've just got to mix and master it, I can't wait for you lot to hear it!

The current king of Leicester cycled by me the other day. I Think he has a new bike you know! pretty good, its green and kind of a low rider. his life must be so sick you know, just bombing round town.

got a call from darryl the other night and he said he had downloaded wreck it ralph (the new Disney Pixar movie) and was watching it on his projector in a bit. me and frank shot round to join him and sandy and we smashed it out. It was so sick watching it in full HD on his projector, like a pure movie night.

As for the film, I thought it was ok, the idea was amazing and as ever with Disney Pixar there were so many little quirks, but the story was a bit all over the place. It was good, but certainly not my favourite things they've ever done.

hahahaha! you can't just call someone lardy can you? imagine The Sun contacting this guy saying we want to do a story about your amazing transformation and weight loss, then he finds out he is in the sunday paper. pops to the shop. picks up his copy, and realises they called him 'lardy' hahaha! i didn't even know that word still happened. genius.

there's your fucking Wocked Lond then, I hope you enjoyed reading. I'm gonna bring back that anonymous comments box at the side. that was fun wasn't it?

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