Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Ok so thanks for reading my Investigation I posted up on friday, i had loads of response about it and how weird it was. Here's a collection of things I've found out since posting that blog entry, with the help of a few other people.

Firstly Jade Moore came forward and inboxed me this message, I'm going to call it an official statement. Make of it what you will.

After the initial facebook post and tweets regarding what had happened this girl Jodie Jones who follows me mentioned to me that I should do an investigation or a podcast. I thought nothing of it.

She came forward with some information about our girl Jade. I saw Aaron saturday night and he said 'Do you know a girl called Jodie Jones?' we had a conversation where I explained she followed me on twitter, and that she had messaged me telling me to do an investigation.

Aaron then said that it was her who requested to follow him on Instagram, and when he looked through the people she followed that's where he found the fake account. after asking her how she knew him she promptly deleted her request and her instagram account. Jodie Jones is also from Colwyn Bay, the same place as Jodie and all the other fake profiles. Is she behind it, friends with Jade Moore and her motive is notoriety? 

Also, here is a bit of fun. remember the photo of me with my 'little brother'? I found the source photo. It was from when asda gave me a free baguette when the new tesco opened up. I took and posted this picture to twitter and wicked-land at the time.

A few different people also shed light on 'Dom Jones', saying that his profile was a fake profile of some guy called Louie Barrat.

Did a little search and our man has two profiles, wether one is fake or wether he is just one of those people who has two facebook accounts, either way our girl Jade Moore who had nothing to do with any of this remember? She was friends with both of the profiles. make of that what you will.

So the Dom Jones profile was also fake, a person who I have never met. do you think the fake profiles of me and a couple of my friends were just the tip of the iceberg? The fact that this random guy Louie Barratt has one makes me think that maybe there are completely different circles of fake profiles that have nothing to do with my life.

Should I do a one off podcast and get Max to interview the girls involved over the phone?


Annie Valdez said...

I was able to read the first part of your identity theft problem and got interested with your story. After all these investigations, did you proceed with the interview? Even though no financial and other legal stuff were scammed from you, having your image manipulated like this is still a serious offense.


Alex Standt said...

I agree with Annie, there are so many different ways to get exploited by hackers through the use of social media. Defamation of character through identity theft has been enough to ruin the lives of thousands in recent history, sometimes permanently. The bottom line is that any time you are traveling the social media road, you have got to assume that there is someone potentially stalking you. Great job here and good luck! Here is some good related information http://blog.scoredriven.com/id-guard/identity-theft-social-media-users-at-risk/