Wednesday, 6 February 2013


IT'S SO FUCKING COLD AND WINDY ALL THE TIME I WISH IT WOULD JUST CHILL OUT A LITTLE BIT, I DON'T NEED THIS SHIT IN MY LIFE. It must be so so sick to be from a place where there is no wind. only breeze. and no mosquitos or flys.

I've been house sitting for my mum over the weekend, and she filled the fridge and freezer with loads of nice food for me. I had these big boy breakfast sandwiches saturday and sunday morning. It was so fun, waking up, making breakfast, putting my feet up and watching last nights match of the day.

This little bloke made me laugh. how horrible looking do you want to be before somebody puts you out of your misery?

Spend nearly 5 days with this. Alfie just screwing me. He really missed my mum and my sister, and spent almost my whole stay being off with me and shaking.

We threw a surprise birthday party for blake at his house saturday night. check out his cake hahaha

Bradley was on his independent woman shit no listening to no man.

I was waving off the Bison Grass vodka Jamie got me in our secret santa. it was actually really, really nice as far as vodka goes.

What a fucking creepy cat. the creepy, creepy cat.

There were loads of snaps being took. I like taking pictures of people taking pictures. this looks like a press conference or something doesn't it?

Went to see kyle on sunday with Hof and Sam. Sam was playing football manager and I told him to search for Kama. sure enough he was on there, I wasn't expecting a picture and everything! pretty cool right?

I can't remember where this door handle was but I was into it. funny little golden face trout pouting up the whole door frame looooool

My garlic bread had a hole in it. doesn't this make it look like Max is wearing a giant garlic bread costume? To be honest that would be a brilliant, delicious costume.

That's your lot! mainly since my last post I've been writing music and spending time with my dog, but taking picture of me lying on the sofa with my dog would make for an awfully boring blog post. Going to be doing a podcast again this week, so keep an eye out for the link! thanks for reading cool dudes.

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