Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Wooooooy little back to back edition. Get into it, we've got all the bits.

I hate green bananas. It annoys me that shops get away with stocking this shit. They aren't even nearly fucking ripe. What happens if I want to walk into Tesco and have a lovely banana? I either have to endure the chalky, rock solid piece right now or I can wait for it to turn from green to brown in a few days? Rubbishland

I've never seen one of these on the road before just driving about like a normal car haha.

Had a little sloz with some of the boys the other weekend.

There were £1 jagerbombs. It wasn't supposed to be a messy one. Last thing I remember is Max leading some random student girl into chanting 'Jewboy Grubb!' at me over and over again in the smoking area.

Shadow demon

I went to a house party on the Saturday night. This girl Emma made this delicious spiced orange chocolate cake. Man, fuck me. i kept going back for more. The more drunk I got the more I wanted. It was so moist and delicious.

They had rented a hot tub. As the night wore on it turned into an erotic homosexual semi naked fighting arena. I can't support that kind of stuff at a house party.

So you know how they've done up Soar Point? check what they've done to the big screen. This is it on by the way. It's far too bright now for a projector to work, and they've put these massive dumb lights sticking out all in the way and shit. They've fucked it.

Their new menu is a good laugh too. Me and Tom read over it and the word 'pulled' is on the menu 23 times. That's ridiculous isn't it. How forced and fashionable.

I really don't get this stuff. These two lads are the gym were both wearing the same purple t shirt, a gold watch, both had the quiff with the short back and sides, tattoos, tapered leg black trackies and huaraches. I don't get how this happens. Which one of these dressed like this first for the other one to copy? I really don't get it. How could you both leave the house wearing a uniform? Why am I now taking photos in the gym?

I bought this the other day! It's so nice, there's a nice insert with the liner notes and stuff. I might mount it on my wall. I've got the 320kbps mp3 version, why would I want to listen to this dusty old shit?

Old Reido having a go in New York

This is how carelessly rich Leicester uni students are. Just leaving iPads wherever. It doesn't matter, just buy another because you aren't a peasant.

Shittest photo ever to exist on the earth since the dawn of time but this old boy was getting on the bus aptly wearing a hat that said 'BUSES' on it. haha how fitting and perfect, so so into that. I wonder what the actual shittest photo ever to exist on the earth since the dawn of time is.

Went to see J Cole, Pusha T and Jhene Aiko. This guy in front of me with his phone plugged in stood still and snapchatted the whole show. I saw him flick onto his story and it was 1080 seconds. Who the fuck is watching that? Who gives a fuck?

J Cole was fun. I think I'm done with seeing him now though, thats my third time and he is past his best for me. His new music is so conscious and enlightened, I really struggle with that sort of music. If I want to broaden my mind I'm not going to do it through the medium of rap music. That's not what I'm here for.

He has one song from his new album called 'Love Yours' and it's about how as long as you have love around you, and you're with the ones you love then money isn't equal to happiness. The hook is 'I think being broke was better, no such thing as a life that's better than yours'. Bit fucking rich coming from a multi millionaire, I'd snap my fingers and swap my life for his in a second without even thinking about it.

I'm looking forward to having my soul cleansed when I go see G Unit in July and they'll be talking about guns, money, fucking girls, jewellery and robbing people haha.

There was a outdoor washing and drying thing at this garage in Birmingham. When I was pissed up this seemed far more notable and post worthy, it's only now I'm realising how boring this is. I'm sorry.

More kissing going on. Everyone is bloody kissing.

We decided to stay out in Birmingham and just get the first train back. We went to Propaganda at the O2. Drinking sex and the beach cocktails and doing tequila shots hahaha.

Pretty good fun you know, they played some good music. We were all hammered.

Ziner is one of the best you know. I always used to have a bit of a bias against NFA because when they had some beef with the Leicester lot years ago, but he is a fucking banger. check out his instagram here

We made it, after a sloppy McDonalds we got on the train. That was Friday and I can still feel it in me now. I'm not young anymore.

This is the new wave. If I wasn't in such a rush I would have quickly copped a box. Stupid placement really on the way out rather than the way in. It's not like I can just pay for them at the imaginary tills in the car park is it?

That's a bumper WL special for you lot, big up all the sloppers that made it through, see you soon!

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