Wednesday, 6 May 2015



I couldn't not this week could I? Weird one for me because in theory I should like this guy. I love super money hungry, arrogant stars. I fully condone people like Kanye and Justin Beiber. Imagine how hard you have to work to get to that sort of place, no normal 9-5 person having their piss boiled on Facebook can tell you anything. I like those guys. But I just don't like this guy.

I guess largely because he is a woman beating piece of shit and his style of boxing just goes against everything I like about the sport. I can admire it for what it is, but ultimately I don't like it. I can appreciate that the best drum and bass music is well made and good, but I don't like it. It's not to my taste. It's a shame that this guy fights the way he does and it's so effective. It's a shame that's what boxing has turned into.

I was talking to my mate Dan who knows his boxing and he was explaining to me why Mayweather will never be considered by his peers as one of the greats, despite his undefeated record. He was talking about his demands, and how fighters have to jump through hoops to fight him. All sorts of requirements regarding gloves, blood tests and venues are to be met before he takes a fight. You could argue that he has afforded the right to only ever fight on his terms, but that, to me, is not how a confident boxer who spouts on so much about being great goes about his business. Also his career is peppered with dodgy judges decisions (see Oscar Dela Hoya in 2007 and Marcos Maidana I last year).

Fuck Floyd Mayweather man. The absolute poster boy for the notion that boxing is a boring, dead sport that's been ruined by money hungry promotors and guys who are more bothered about staying pretty and building their business empire than getting in the ring and scrapping, giving the fans something they actually want to see. Saturday nights fight was good vs evil and sadly evil went to 48-0.

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