Friday, 8 May 2015


What's going on you lot? Friday again already. Since we last spoke the country has gone to shit, it's going to be crap being from here isn't it. I read a great article on the Independents site talking about what steps you need to take to leave the country. Get gone while we are still in the EU! Quick!

I saw this guy feeding the pigeons at town hall square. Completely unforgivable. Just feeding airborne rats. Shocking scenes. How can he want to live in a world where pigeons prosper? It's all mad.

Meanwhile this other woman was eating her 'lunch'. Salad, if done right can be fucking cool, man. Like I get people who really go for it. Make a nice healthy salad, with some exotic ingredients, a nice dressing. Just a bit inspired. What is this shit? She was eating baby tomatoes, lettuce leafs and raw white onion. Is that a life then? All the wonderful things you can do with food and this is what she went for? Fuck me. I can't imagine gorging on something so dull. It was like it was prepared by a 5 year old who had only just been introduced to the notion of 'salad'.

Is this illegal? Or is it ok because the post is in a sealed container? Let me know, Answers on a postcard.

Whoever does the blackboards for The Friary pub in town is on STUFF! These are so sick, they always look so nice and detailed.

Imagine being able to draw a pint of Guinness like that. Pretty sick.

Man like Gwop, posted. Man like Sandy, posted.

This guy at the gym was on some super super cool shit. Wearing sunglasses inside. All over that. Imagine going to the gym and thinking yeah, fuck it, I'll just keep these on. That coupled with weight lifting gloves and a T shirt is my favourite shit I've seen this week.

I booked tickets to go see 50 Cent and G Unit with Teeps. I'm actually so so excited, 50 is like the only big US rapper I listen to pure regularly who I've not seen live. I can't wait. I listen to him literally most days, I think it's going to be incredible.

This was magical. Possibly the best thing I've had in my mouth all year so far. And somehow it's fucking May. Anyway, it's a peanut butter brownie from St Martins Coffee in St Martins Square. They're £2 and made on sight. It was 100% completely certified. Go and get one the next chance you get, I promise you wont regret it.

Small picture, but you get the idea. Far right; Pete, doing whatever he does on his bike. Far left; Two women watch on in disbelief. Pretty good viewing as a passer by.

Is this what it has come to now? I think if you're gonna get mugged by someone wether your valuables are in sight or not is not a huge factor haha.

BOXED off a quick Turkish with T. They've got a sick new extension now, it's so good. I want all the immigrants to fully takeover Narborough road. No white British people working there. Only all the lovely Europeans who come here and open amazing restaurants please.

Saw this on Facebook and stole it. I can't remember who uploaded it. Some bus driver in Leicester stopped to fix his bus, bent over and he was wearing a silk thong hahaha. Pretty funny right? Just casually doing a bit of mechanics work while wearing girls underwear. Imagine his colleague next to him clocking it and not wanting to say anything. Big up whoever uploaded it, I can't remember.

These two lads were just mooching around town at about 10:30 the other night. What's that about? They were maybe 9/10 years old tops. There are absolutely no rules these days for kids. Not one hahaha

That's your lot! Hope your weekend is looking half as good as mine because mine is fucking STACKED! although I'm dreading going to this house party tomorrow because every single person there is going to be the best political correspondent everrrrr and know everything there is to know about politics. I want to talk about breasts, not politics. Enjoy your weekend!

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