Wednesday, 20 May 2015



So this can go one of two ways. We can either take it at face value and think ok, that's that guy who plays poker, makes stupid money doing it, has that crazy Instagram account that's full of guns and hot babes, he's the best. Or we can look at it like this is that show off rich cunt who we all can't wait to have his 3rd heart attack and finally be taken from this earth.

After a little digging and reading you find out that this guy is actually a dickhead. Not only did he kick some woman in the face during his birthday celebrations the other year, he also broke a porn stars foot when throwing her off of a roof for some stunt for a photoshoot. The real flipper is when you realise that he goes on like his riches are made solely from playing poker, and plays down the fact that his dad has $62m to his name. VERY INTERESTING

Basically, the short of it is that he is the absolute king of the rich kids. All the fucking free money dickheads you know who just get pumped money from their parents to go and live an unreal life and cover social media with brags about it, this guy is the top of the pile. All those wankers who get called 'lucky' by their equally privileged peers for being bought cars on their 18th birthday, this guy is the king.

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