Wednesday, 26 August 2015


I was thinking the other day yeah like I'm 26 now. Still relatively young right? It's getting to the point where I cannot stand the way young people act. I cannot stand things they're into, the way they use social media and this is a feeling that I've really come to notice over the last couple years. The culture they all subscribe to. Naturally I distance myself from it and that's what makes me feel like I'm not young anymore. Some of the things young people do make zero sense to me and I was thinking imagine how toxic and overbearing that feeling will be by the time I'm in my 40s. Kids will be such dislikable little pricks by then innit.

I don't think I've ever had a post where it is so clearly about a few certain things. It's been non stop condoms. Whoever did this went for the classic balloon style blow up and tie method. Top stuff.

Fudge temptations on Narborough Road has closed down. fuck me it's been ages since I did one of these posts, this was ages ago. Remember I went and buzzed out over a hot brownie here with Max a little while ago? Literally a couple of months back. Yeah, it's on the scrapheap now. Didn't think it would last long to be honest, Must be crushing when your business folds.

Makkonen whipping that 2 wheel on Narbs

I swear down the floodgates have been open for these in my mind now. I had never seen one until a couple of weeks ago now it's like they're following me.

This guy was just mooching looking at stuff in the Disney shop. It was so funny, he kept picking stuff up and like using it, like imagining himself putting it into practice. He was swinging this lightsaber about like testing if it's the right kind for him haha.

Little blast from the past isn't it!? Who the fuck is using at actual A-Z of Leicester these days? Must have been shocking times for them when GPS and location services became such an integral part of mobile phone technology. I bet A-Z went to shit. 'People will always need maps' hmm well. They didn't see 4G coming did they. To be fair I'm with them. I didn't even see HD coming, let alone being able to walk down the street like Kevin Bacon watching BBC iPlayer in full 1080p. I digress.

Someone smashed half a Pepperami, got into my apartment block and fucked it off. Couldn't be arsed to bin it, or even litter it outside, it came in with them and got dashed on the stairs. I always feel like I've not made the most of Pepperami in my life. Might get back into them.

The inside of the site where the council blocks were that got knocked down opposite Sophbeck is so so massive. I was taking this photo and the bored security guard started ramping telling me no photos. Then got out his car and wanted me to delete the photo. I obviously said I already did and he wasn't happy. How bored of his life must he be. I see him there all the time and grin at him. I kind of want to try and sneak from one side to the other over night for no reason other than Metal Gear Solid is coming out soon. I wonder if he would catch me.

One of the most depressing sights of inner city living. Probably, for my money only seconded by the used needle.

MAN LIKE PETE regular on Wickedland. I wonder who I've posted more times now, him or birdman. Someone go back through the past 8 years and crunch the numbers.

You know the way there are certain procedures in place to stop people who are unable to use guns correctly buying guns? I wanna work out a similar kind of system for people buying Superman T Shirts. I don't give a fuck about any comic book shit but this is taking the piss isn't it?

I love this shit. If I was a girl I'd constantly have so much of the fruity lip shit, I'm always amazed when I see confectionary made into these things. I saw a Vanilla Coke one in about 2010. Pretty good. Pretttttyyyyyyy good.

I swear down the floodgates have been open for these in my mind now. I had never seen one until a couple of weeks ago now it's like they're following me.

I asked this same question to Twitter without an incredible response. I had no idea until the other day that budget condoms were available. I thought it was kind of a Durex or go home situation. But either way, if you were about to party with a guy and he had that Wilko Love Me condom does he still get it in? A friend told me once they used a budget condom and it resulted in orange slime going everywhere

I painted this as part of the Summer Art Trail in Leicester at the weekend. 'SKANDALS' on the side wall of Skandals pub. Yeoman street was in full sunshine and it turned into crackhead central. Soooooo many ringers knocking about just being weird and horrible. I burnt my back and had a really nice time non the less. 

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