Friday, 14 August 2015



have you seen that guy Ben Phillips all over Facebook recently? He does hidden camera pranks on his brother Elliot Giles. Fake pranks for the most part where nobody alive would be stupid enough to fall for them, but they mainly result in Elliot, the brother being very annoyed and shouting at him.

He's suuuuuch a spastic. It's got to the point now where one will start playing and I cannot look away. Like I'm fascinated by what a mong this lad is. He'll walk into the prank, it'll actually happen then he will spend a couple of minutes on the video going mad at his brother through his gritted teeth with his stupid spastic Welsh accent, it's so fucking odd. I've embedded a few of the videos if you've never seen them before.

At the minute, out of everyone in the world, this is the guy I hate the most purely based on how he looks. His fucking stupid massive wonky teeth all over the internet every day as he shouts ridiculous shit, with his fat round head. He is just such a mongol and I can't take him. I don't understand it, if these pranks were real and we are expected to believe they're real surely he would just switch and give his brother a beating and that would be it? He's such a lumbering fat cunt who is always snacking he should just do his brother and end the nonsense. I have nothing more to say on him, he is just such a mong. Most punchable face 2015

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