Thursday, 13 August 2015


I've been hammering my way through Curb Your Enthusiasm again recently. I'm so lazy and unmotivated these days. All I do is just watch TV and films all the time. Everything I used to enjoy is so unfulfilling, I feel like I'm just wasting my life.

Don't you think the glamour and status of having a personalised number plate is lost if you go for 'SMII GGY'?

We went out for Brads birthday last week. We went to Mosh for it last year and it went really well so we chose to do it again.

Going to Mosh with my lot is magical because I don't I know anyone there. None of us do, so we can get completely hammered and just take the piss out of each other all night. Also it's kind of fun all getting drunk on a weeknight when you've all got work the next day. You're in it together.

We did catch Elliot Whitelaw lurking in the shadows though

The slopfest continued into Basement. As I was trying to go home (bear in mind it's like 4:00am now and I've got work in a few hours) the doormen were not letting me out of the venue because I had shorts on, and they were not letting some guy in because he had shorts on. I was stuck there for about 15/10 minutes just waiting on the stairs to go as this guy argued outside haha. Eric rescued me and let me out through a backdoor.

In Mosh we found this guy Blake and didn't let him go for ages. Every time he tried to walk off we'd all start shaking his hand or hugging him. He was ours. Massive football chants of his name went round, he was the guy. He was lapping it up as well, he kept coming back for more. He was the king, being lofted above everyone in Mosh.

Had the niiiice hangover cure the next day. I really hope that Chicken and Cheddar Classic is a permanent fixture on the McDonalds menu, it's a lovely treat and a welcome edition to the team.

Birdman popped up the other day doing a few bits. Not seen him in a while.

Man like Jaz was flexing at Eddies party with the Black Cherry Effen. #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO #POWER NO PUFFY JUICE

How sick is this shirt? I remember when I was young and care free and used to have the bollocks to wear shit like this. Animals was more my domain, but this race course shit really is something. Hopefully one day I can have a painful divorce and a midlife crisis and bring it back.

Have a great weekend losers

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