Friday, 7 August 2015



It's been a fun week on the internet right? The whole Meek v Drake thing kicked off when Drake featured on and didn't tweet out a link to Meeks album. Meek went on to reveal that Drake uses ghostwriters in a series of tweets. Drake went on to embarrass him and outclass him with two responses over the course of a couple of days sending the internet into a frenzy.

Incredibly short sighted by Meek, what did he expect? Drakes fanship right now is absolutely insane, so even if he didn't body Meek on a record, Meeks going to come out worse off anyway. Drake fans are all such dickriders and Meeks simply not the rapper he used to be. The real low ebb came after Drake put out 'Back To Back', the second of the two tracks, and the ball was firmly in Meeks court. Every single hip hop fan in the world waited to see what Meek came with. This was his shot. All or nothing; His chance to shift the momentum and take the W. He released the worse dub of the war, and all but ended himself. 'Wanna Know' was a messy collage of ghostwritten reference tracks for Drake songs, samples from The Undertakers walk out music and that inaudible shout along Migos flow rapping Meek continues to try and run with.

I love when Hip Hop becomes sport, and it's nice of that donkey Meek Mill to sacrifice his career to bring out this mode in Drake. Musically, It's pretty tame in terms of rap wars of all time, I feel like the bar is lower these days but Drake delivered some hot lines. The real fun came when Drake took to the stage at OVOFest in Toronto this week wearing a 'Free Meek Mill' T shirt and performed the Diss tracks with a slide show of Drake v Meek Mill memes as the back drop. And it's like Meeks gormless fish face is perfectly made for this shit haha. What a time to be alive.

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