Thursday, 26 November 2015


Yoooo what's good then Wickedlanders, I'm back with that NEW SHIT.

Look at him fucking straight this banana is. Is that weird or what? Why is it like that? I saw someone once say they only eat bananas by breaking them off and eating them bite by bite and after each bite saying 'no homo' haha.

I went to a pretty sick house party for Nico's birthday. Pure pure fun, but I don't get those people who go to house parties without a bottle. So so bummy innit, like liquor is pure cheap, as is beer so just take something innit. I thought ok I know most people here so I put my bottle down and kept finding people just pouring drinks from it hahaha

Have you been watching The Hunt? Pretty sick shit bro. Look at this guy, he was pure making me laugh. Maybe I was hungover, I dunno haha. His face is funny though

Once you go through these gates mate, it's different for you

Yooooo I went for late night food with Nico last week. We went to Toro's steakhouse near Maddisons. Oh my god it was so different. One of the nicest steaks I've ever had.

All this rice and veg and chips, and fucking loads of steak covered on sauce. Fuck it was good man, I need to go here again.

I recorded a cypher for Clarence Street studios last week with Wanda, Skitza and Jafro. Look out for that coming soon, I'll post the video up when it drops.

Some massive Sikh parade in town, I had absolutely no idea what this was. Looked a vibes though.

So Five Guys opened. What a time to live in Leicester, all the shit like this and Krispy Kremes is really making us pretty sick. Leicester top of the prem too haha we are coming up son

It was as smooth as you'd like, no problems here. Anyone who is reading this who knows about Five Guys, go and get one of their grilled cheese sandwiches. You're gonna love it. With JalapeƱos. 

Onesies are so weird. They're so uncomfortably intimate. I don't know if intimate is the right word to use, but this looks like she is in her pyjamas. A little personal. Stay in your house if you're sleepy.

I went to Bella Italia on Sunday for dinner for Roses birthday. Natalie pops up with a quick voucher, 40% off all mains. That's when you might see me copping 2 mains fresh off the boat. The breaded chicken with the beans and the potatoes looks shockingly shit though right? Zero for presentation from Bella.

'So tasty we've sold out!' McDonalds were taking the piss. 

Look at Brads face hahahaha. He'd had his little heart set on a Big Tasty. I had that thing where I clocked these stickers before he did. The pain in his eyes. I couldn't believe it. 'So tasty we've sold out!' What a fucking liberty

I went to see The Martian the other night. The last couple films set in space I've seen I really enjoyed (Interstellar and Gravity) and I wanted to see this at the cinema. I remember seeing the opening scene of Gravity and I don't think I've ever regretted not seeing a movie in the cinema as much as that. So I went to see this. It was fun for the most part, but fuck me it was predictable. The last like hour of the film was so poor, with absolutely everything just slotting perfectly into place. It really annoyed me how nicely the story wrapped up, completely ruined the film for me.

So the dish on the left at Bella Italia was a beef stew with red wine sauce. Jesus it was fucking special. It inspired me to buy a slow cooker. I know, right? How am I supposed to be a fucking rude boy grime MC who slow cooks shit on the weekends? I'm getting old. I'm making my debut into the slow cooking world with a sausage stew tomorrow. To say I'm excited is a complete understatement. I'm sure you'll see the fruits of my labours.

Stick that in your Wickedland and smoke it! I've got my friends Ben and Sandy coming to do a podcast on Saturday, so look out for that as well as Wasteman of the Week tomorrow! 

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