Friday, 6 November 2015



So man like Keith Vaz has been smashing it all over the news this week giving it big portions about not wanting the Coca Cola truck to come to Leicester. Naturally all the Facebook mums are fucking outraged beyond words at the Labour party grinch ruining Christmas. He spoke up mid week saying the truck is "not welcome" and went on to say "This national tour to promote sugar-laden drinks is ill-judged and unwise at a time of record diabetes and obesity levels.”

Ok real talk now I really don't give a fuck if the truck comes or not, I think the whole Coca Cola advert thing is one of the most boring played out things about Christmas. But Vaz acting like he's doing this for the better of the city is pathetic. A pathetic little self gain like that nonce Jamie Oliver when he was banning all the cool shit in schools. If Mums let their kids fizzy drinks, they will. They can just go to any shop, fuck the truck. People know fizzy drinks are bad for their kids and make their own decision. Also, wether there is a big truck in the middle of the Highcross or not isn't going to change kids views on Coca Cola the brand. They'll still see the advert every day. Have you tasted it? I'm a 26 year old man and it has me by the bollocks. It's delicious and I crave it all the time. These children have far weaker wills/ senses of what is good and bad for them than I do. Also, it must be noted that the Coca Cola truck doesn't even distribute free samples, it's just a brand building exercise.

Turns out our mate Keith has type 2 diabetes. He's obviously just gutted he can't get involved himself and wants to punish a load of little kids because he's fucked it for himself. The whole thing has back fired embarrassingly with campaigns and pages being launched against him, labelling him a hypocrite as old news articles showing him opening a sweet shop on Melton Road have resurfaced. It'll be interesting to see if the truck will end up coming or wether he was just powerlessly sounding up for the column inches.

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