Friday, 20 November 2015



I'm sat here scratching my fucking head wondering how she's got away with it for so long. How I've not chucked her into the pit. Outright and undoubtably one of the most annoying humans walking the planet right now, our Taylor is a fucking super star. She is everywhere, all the time. I cannot escape her.

She is like the physical embodiment of the sort of white people black people hate. From her offensive, pointy, thin racist facial features to her disgustingly try hard dance moves, everything about her annoys me. She is like the ultimate, ultimate basic becky. I bet she absolutely fucking loves Starbucks. I bet she fucking loves making collage photos to post on Instagram for her friends birthday. Yet she gets ratings all the time. Good friends of mine find her really attractive. I cannot understand it, from her thin lips to her teenage boy shoulders, she is the complete opposite of what's attractive to me. I feel my dick crawl up inside me when I see her.

And that's just physically. That's just looking at her. Her personality disgusts me too, she seems so intense all the time. Like so over the top and expressive over absolutely everything. I bet she is a morning person. I bet she tells people about her dreams. Annoying that Kanye gave her that big break and gave her a career. I just want her to fucking mellow out, she is like a twat teenager who was always sheltered and never bullied into realising that she is a cunt. The most annoying thing is that Shake It Off is probably the best pop song of the last 5 years that isn't by Bruno Mars, and even that can't get her a pass from me. Dog

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