Thursday, 2 June 2016


I don't think I've ever been so behind on writing this stuff haha. Even by the end of this post it'll bring me up to being about 2 weeks behind. That's means loads more WL shit is coming your way this week.

I swear cars aren't allowed to drive here? Right? That bit is fully pedestrianised. Imagine if you managed to get knocked over by the driver there. You'd get loads wouldn't you.

Mac and cheese Pot Noodles are a real thing. What is this life. I was never one of the people who ever loved Pot Noodles. Some of my friends used to go mad for them, I never understood the appeal. Surely even to those people a mac and cheese one sounds disgusting?

This was a lovely drop. Every bit as refreshing as it looks. My main goal is to get to a point where I do all my shopping at M&S. 

Soooo the Leicester victory parade on Vicky was pretty much the best day ever in Leicester right? I can think of days personally that top it, but that might be because I found money on the floor or something. But all together, as a city, this has to be number one.

The roadmen were out on a blistering hot, clear blue day in their full trackies, hoods up, hats on.

I love this photo of Brad hahaha just having a day out! Not a crime.

It really was the most wonderful day. I was so drunk. All in all I drank 16 Strongbows. I've not drank since.

We saw that weird Jamie Vardy lookalike. Have you seen he's been blocked by the actual Jamie Vardy now? So genius. Some of the weird tweets and that he was letting off fully warrant it. Apparently he lives in Braunstone and loads of people I know know him. On the day we tried to get a photo with him and he was too busy for us, he wouldn't stop and get a photo with us. Then we saw him and got this off of him later that day. What an odd thing to be gassed and abrupt over.

Later that night we say a woman who had a Jamie Vardy cast on her wrist. It's hard to tell what's real these days isn't it. Given I've got a photo of this I think it is actually a real thing I saw with my eyes, but it seems to fun and mental to be true.

Bees and her boyfriend Harry went to Madrid and took some WL stickers to put up and send me photos back. I wanna get these to all corners. Like a dick, Dan ran a marathon on the great wall of China the other day and I forgot to give him stickers to put up in China. If you are going away this summer and want some WL stickers to put up then hit me up! I would appreciate it so much haha.


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