Friday, 17 June 2016



It all started off with a meteoric rise to fame of Jamie Vardy and this lad realised he looks like him. Sure, these things happen. There are people I look like. After a few ill informed decisions it's turned into dressing head to toe in a Leicester kit (complete with the wrist support) and waltzing around the Leicester parades giddy with excitement trying to get spotted.

The whole lookalike culture is weird. So because this guy looks similar to someone who is famous people are paying him to do certain things and appear in certain places? I cannot understand that. I cannot understand who would give over money to be in this guys presence. Especially after Vardy blocked him and asked for him to not be in his presence haha. That doesn't send out the best message about someone you book for kids parties does it hahaha.

Look at the poor kids face

I've seen this guy taking a hammering on Twitter over the last couple of months and it's getting worse and worse. Yesterday it reached an unbearable boiling point as he let off a tweet regarding the score and Vardy's goal vs Wales. Check out the responses. He really needs to be stopped at all costs, grown men cannot live like this.

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