Thursday, 9 June 2016


I can't stop banging those two new Drake tunes. I swear I always open these posts by discussing the weather but I feel like the weather is this good because of that new Drake tune with DJ Khaled.

I love barbecues. The one thing that upsets me the most about the place I live at the minute is that I've not got a yard to have barbecues. I'm not really arsed about sunshine, it's more the idea of grilling meat outside. All hours. When I get a place with a garden it's on and popping, I'm going to be having barbecues all year round. Bring cuts and a coat.

Tom had a barbecue for his birthday and we had these two massive steaks. It was wonderful. Grill meat is top 10 best things in life.

Hellman's nailed this right? How nice does that sandwich look? I was walking past this add and I thought they did such a good job.

These new Walkers Sensations Poppadoms are so good. They're apparently an American thing called 'pop-chips' that we've adapted but they're truly wonderful. So light.

This seems like fucking ages ago now. I say seems like, it literally is ages ago. Me and Olly ate these bagel burgers I cooked. We both had the same ones, the first one was steak & bacon with chilli sauce and caramelised onion chutney, The second was venison and bacon with sour cream and coleslaw. I made these cajun cheesy chips too. Top 3 favourite things I've eaten this year.

Sometimes I see people and they're so so perfect I wonder if I am in the Truman show and people like this are plants for Wickedland.

These are the best sweet out at the minute. I don't know why they've not done them sooner, I don't know why somebody didn't come up with them all those years ago but give thanks they're around right now. When I took this picture I started to think of all the sweets that are going to be created after I die. Upsetting thought isn't it.

With the leftovers from the burgers nearer the top of this post I made this sandwich. I love these chicken grill things that Birdseye do. You know like the McChicken sandwich things? Pop one in the oven and then slip a little cheese slice on it when it's got 3 minutes to go and you're laughing.

I ran a graffiti workshop as part of the 2Funky Arts Festival the other weekend. It was so so fun, I love winding kids up. A little joke I made with Olly over the phone about giving out iPads at the end of the session got out of hand and the kids were mobbing me by the end. They went from begging me to give them the iPads to stealing my sweets.

This little kid was such a little shit but I liked him. He asked me if he could write 'DEEZ NUTZ' and then spent the rest of the afternoon getting paint on the other kids.

I've been to Nandos more times in the last month than I have this year. i'm done with it again for a bit now. This is the way I had it set up on that particular day though. 4 breast pieces (two hot, two medium) large chips and chargrilled veg.

I still got a bag of new shit to upload so I'm gonna be back at the weekend with some more work. Thanks for coming by!

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