Friday, 10 June 2016



I'm wondering if Piers Morgan has received the accolade before. I'm really not sure. Either way he has found his way back into the headlines this week because of a tweet that he posted after Donald Trump paid tributes to the late Muhammed Ali. I've got to slew him. Naturally, Trump started receiving stick from all corners of twitter before Piers Morgan tried his best to set things straight. ‘Muhammad Ali said far more inflammatory/racist things about whites than Donald Trump ever has about Muslims.’ Tweeted Piers. He then went on to hammer Ali in his column in the Daily Mail, literally just after his passing. Classy as ever.

Now where do you even start with this one? Realistically what sort of person do you have to be to try and defend Trump? Like what kind of media do you pay attention to where you find yourself in a position where you actively want to use your fame and influence to stop the demise of Donald Trump? I cannot comprehend that.

Another way to look at it is that Morgan is simply a troll. Just saying what will boil piss, looking for attention. Which is weird. Imagine being in your 50s and still being desperate for attention. Rich, famous, whatever and attention is your currency. I can understand it for young teenage girls who have not found what makes them them yet, but Piers is a big man you know. Imagine seeing Donald Trump getting lit up on Twitter and jumping in because you want your slice of the pie.

Also, I hate his smug big fucking head. Imagine seeing him getting his head booted around like a football and day dreaming wondering if it's possible for his big elephant head to physically become anymore swollen than it already was. I hate his little mouth. Smug people always have little mouths don't they? I wonder why that is.

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