Sunday, 30 May 2010


this week ive been at work a whole little bunch, so ive not got a great deal of stuff to post up.

starting with an odd little story.
i purchased some chino's that were a bit small. decided they were just too small and needed to return them and do a swappo for a bigger size. im eating portions since i left my mum and dad's, put a couple inches on /nohype. so on my bed side table i keep all my receipts there, so im going through and i cant find the receipt for these trousers. bit gay, but i had to leave out so i just thought ill sort it out in the shop.

as i walk down the road round the corner there is a scratching in my trouser leg, so i reach up my jeans leg, and pull out the receipt! i couldnt understand it, i put the jeans on fresh out of the washing basket and onto my legs, either way, surely my foot would have pushed it out, but instead i got down, out the house and round the corner before it magically appeared.

video box is on a hype having a refit and staying open during. it looks like more of a shit hole than ever.

seen a decent looking vehicle on the way into town, 4 wheel madshit.

went cinema to see four lions with bradley and max. trust me, its not one bit over-rated, believe all the little facebook status's and that what you read about it. good narrative where you can never really see what will happen in the end and more one liners than (ive been thinking for fucking ages for something that has alot of lines. im thinking fishing, cocaine, alzheimer's joke telling group, but nothing is hitting the mark, i cant make it work.)

in some book in the canteen at work there was a book of how to draw, so i was thumbing through it and there was an un-naturally large section on how to draw horses. i noticed none of the horses had massive detailed cocks though, probably aimed at kids innit? (the book, not the vainey rod.)


i honestly dread to think. no job to big or small. results or money back.
watched no retreat no surrender with a few of the lads the other night too. was brilliant fun, there are some truly genius scenes in that film, try to watch it asap if you can.

tom evans birthday party at jamjar last night. nice night it was drinks were flowing, john is really good at pool, and everyone was bombing the boxing machine.

went out momentarily to get chips, seen ghetto in marios. reggie. marios is so fucking shit these days innit? that little fucking fat tramp woman who gives you a shit portion of shit chips and the rude indian bloke who "serves" you.
fuck off, they have fucking ran it into the ground, fucking chip shop, indian takeaway fucking crossover bullshit. i remember my dad telling me back in the day people who lived on the other side of town would treck out of town to get marios chips eat them, then go home buzzing. long gone are those days the place is a fucking shit hole now.

back bombing the bag, we put fucking loads of money into it. jr was winning against all these other lads, it was fucking siiiiiick. american strong arm.

i got hustled stink too. some lad said he would play me on it for a drink and i asked him what sort of score he gets. he got similar to what i was getting so i said yes, he hit first, got about 700 or something, so i was thinking yeah i could beat it. i hit it, fucking clipped it, and ended up getting 666. some un-forfilling bullshit. i put the pound in the machine, bought him a 3 pound pint and felt rinsed.

andre, the hench polish doorman made things all better again. he told us he benches 140kg, he was fucking huge. like jr is alright innit? looks like some ethiopian next to this guy. he was pure laughing about it, happy with himself. john was fucking fuming, charging up the superman eye lasers to eliminate an eastern european.

had a little knock about on riverside today in the bracing wind and bright sunshine, it was fucking lovely.

thats it really, i told you i have not been upto a great deal lot this week. ill try to do a good innit tomorrow, got a few good little bits. thanks for reading.

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